Fractured Skull Guide

Any kind of severe head injury may cause a host of physical problems that extend far beyond the fractured skull itself. Even a relatively small skull fracture can result in long term problems that affect different parts of the body, causing problems with balance, coordination and even the patient’s ability to perform everyday functions. A fractured skull is a very serious injury, and requires urgent medical treatment together with long term follow up, and this is where a course of rehabilitation physiotherapy could really be beneficial.

Could I Get Any Free Helpful Treatments?

If you have experienced a fractured skull you could possibly take advantage of free treatments. Many citizens of the UK can claim free private treatments for skull injuries at no cost to themselves, in order to promote a speedier recovery. If you want to know more about whether you could be eligible, give us a call today.

What Are The Aims Of Physiotherapy For A Fractured Skull?

A fractured skull can sometimes cause no long term problems and will heal on its own with little medical intervention. However, in many cases, even a small fracture can cause further, more complex problems. As the skull protects the brain, any kind of break in the bone can lead to the brain itself being affected and this can result in problems with balance, movement and coordination. Physiotherapy exercises can help to correct these problems. It can assist with the following:

  • Helping to improve the patient’s balance when sitting, standing and walking
  • Helping to improve the patient’s ability to move in a coordinated way
  • Maximising the patient’s physical abilities and functions
  • Helping to restore the patient’s ability to complete everyday tasks

What Sort Of Free Treatment Could I Be Entitled To?

Although there are many UK citizens who are unaware that they are eligible, the fact is that millions of people across the country are able to gain access to private treatment to help rehabilitate them after a fractured skull injury without paying a penny themselves. We offer numerous kinds of treatment, so, dependant on where you are located in the country you could benefit from the delivery of these treatments by our skilled healthcare professionals, enabling you to recover more rapidly.

Fractured Skull Rehab Timeline

Although most skull fractures will eventually heal on their own, the process can take many months. Although the patient often experiences no pain after the first couple of weeks, for the bone to fully heal can take a very long time, and even after healing has occurred there can be other long term complications involving other areas of the body.

Could I Recover More Safely And Speedily?

With the complications of a fractured skull lasting for many months, and sometimes even longer, physiotherapy represents a great way of reducing the healing time and ensuring that patients can live a better quality of life. By helping to restore balance and improve movement in patients who have been affected, a rehabilitation programme will help to get patients back to their normal selves more speedily. Contact us to find out more about free private physiotherapy in your area.

Could Free Private Physiotherapy Be An Option For Me?

If you are interested in finding out whether you can receive private physiotherapy treatment to help you to recover from your fractured skull injury, give Medical Expert a call today on 020 3870 4868. We can tell you in just a few minutes whether you can benefit so that you can be on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.