Fractured Sternum Guide

The sternum, commonly called the breastbone, is responsible for connecting the collarbone with the first seven ribs in your body, forming a part of the ribcage. Suffering from a fractured sternum is a serious injury that could result in serious fractured sternum long-term effects if not treated quickly and properly. In many cases a broken sternum is a car accident related injury, with the direct trauma able to cause a fractured sternum. Our guide covers common fractured sternum treatments, complications, and physiotherapy options for a healthy and quick recovery.

What Are the Common Fractured Sternum NHS Treatments?

The type of fractured sternum NHS treatments vary from surgery to advised rest. Which treatment the doctor suggests will depend on the severity of the fractured sternum, and to what extent the symptoms are causing your problems. For very serious fractured sternum injuries, such as when the bone has shattered, extensive surgery may be needed to remove the bone fragments and attach plates and screws. Minor fractured sternum injuries can sometimes be treated with bed rest, pain medication, and additional assistance, like physiotherapy.

Could I Be Eligible to Get Free Private Treatment?

A lot of people don’t realise that they could qualify for free private treatment to help with their fractured sternum. There is a large number of medical treatments that are available in the UK for people who are suffering from a fractured sternum, helping them to recover safely and quickly.

Depending where you live in the UK, you could be eligible for a vast range of treatments to help with your recovery. For more information about qualifying for the fractured sternum treatments available, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

What Private Treatments Could I Qualify For?

The treatments available for a fractured sternum range from the provision of free medical supplies, like ice packs and medical compresses; to advanced treatments and services, like orthopaedic reports and physiotherapy. You could be eligible to receive one or more treatments for your fractured sternum. To discover more about which treatments are on offer near you, give one of our friendly team members a call today.

What Broken Sternum Complications Could Occur?

There are two common broken sternum complications that can occur after a fractured sternum injury. The painful injury can make breathing in deeply an uncomfortable experience, but one that is necessary to stop an infection from occurring. The second complication, shoulder and spine stiffness, can worsen if the area isn’t moved regularly. Physiotherapy is often required in the case of a fractured sternum, to ease this stiffness.

Could Sternal Fracture Physical Therapy Help Me Recover?

There are few more beneficial forms of rehabilitation than professional physiotherapy. From helping you to find the best way to sleep with a broken sternum, to the creation of tailored exercise plans for quick sternum fracture or bruise recovery, the assistance can be invaluable. All over the UK, there are free physiotherapy treatments available for people who have suffered from a fractured sternum. If you would like to learn more about the treatments in your area that you could be eligible to receive for free, contact our team today.

Contact Our Team Today for More Information About Qualifying for Free Treatments

Many people go without additional treatment for their fractured sternum, just because they didn’t know that private treatment was available for free. There are some wonderful treatments available for a fractured sternum, from medical supply provision to physiotherapy, and even orthopaedic services. The additional treatment can help you to regain your strength and motion, allowing you to get back to work, or enjoy doing what you love, much sooner.

Our professional team at Medical Expert can provide a wealth of information about the free private treatment options in the UK. It only takes a quick 30 second call to one of our team on 020 3870 4868, to discover which treatments are on offer near you, and whether you qualify to receive them. Let us help make your recovery quicker and safer with access to some of the best free private treatments for a fractured sternum in the UK.