Fractured Thumb Guide

A fractured thumb is not often seen as a major injury, but it can be very serious. There are two different bones in the thumb that you can fracture; the distal phalange and the proximal phalange. Both bones can be incredibly painful to fracture, and in some cases, require physiotherapy treatment to properly heal. This guide covers the difference between sprained, fractured, and bruised thumb injuries, along with the treatment options available.

How to Tell If Your Thumb Is Sprained or Fractured?

The bruised thumb and sprained thumb symptoms can be very similar to those of a fractured thumb. A sprained thumb generally means that there has been ligament damage, while a fractured thumb is damage to the bone, such as a metacarpal or phalangeal fracture. A fractured thumb will likely be incredibly painful, be tender and swollen, numb, and could be deformed.

Could I Qualify for Free Private Medical Treatment?

Many people don’t understand that they could be eligible to receive additional treatment for their fractured thumb, in the form of free private medical treatment. Across the UK, there is a vast range of different treatments that are available for many residents on top of broken thumb NHS treatment.

These treatments range from simple to advanced, providing the extra support you need to recover quickly and safely. To discover whether you are eligible for one or more of the treatments on offer, give our team a call today. The process takes less than 30 seconds, with one of our friendly professional team able to answer all your questions.

What Private Treatments for a Fractured Thumb Could I Get for Free?

Suffering from a fractured thumb means that you could qualify to receive a wide range of free private medical treatment. This could be a free sling, medical compress, or even access to physiotherapy treatment. You may be able to claim for tertiary treatment, where ever you live in the UK. To get more information about the treatments in your area, contact us today.

What Treatments Could Make My Recovery Faster and Safer?

Whether you have a hairline fracture in your thumb or a thumb metacarpal fracture, physiotherapy is one of the most beneficial forms of rehabilitation. Regaining full motion in your thumb after a thumb fracture is very important for future wellbeing, putting a great importance on the invaluable treatment from a physiotherapist. Many people are even eligible to receive thumb fracture physiotherapy for free in the UK. To discover if you are eligible for physiotherapy treatments for free, give us a call today.

Are There Any Complications with a Fractured Thumb?

There are a number of proximal and distal phalanx fracture thumb complications that can arise after a thumb fracture. It is possible that blood vessel or nerve damage could accompany the fractured thumb. In severe cases, surgery may also be required to repair the damage, such as in the case of displaced bones. Normally, a fractured thumb will be immobilised so that it has time to heal. Putting strain on the fractured thumb could make the injury more serious.

Call Our Team Today to Learn Whether You Are Eligible for Free Private Treatment

Free private treatment is available for people all over the UK who have suffered from a fractured thumb, many people just don’t realise it. The treatment available for a fractured thumb is very diverse and covers advanced treatment like physiotherapy sessions, as well as simple support, like the provision of medical supplies. You may even be eligible to receive a full orthopaedic report for free.

If you want more information about the free treatments available in the UK, don’t hesitate to get into contact with our team at Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868. The process is quick and easy, giving you all the information you need about qualifying for free private fractured thumb treatment in your local area. Allow us to help you with your recovery and make it as safe, quick, and pain-free as possible.