Fractured Toe Guide

There are a number of ways that you can fracture a toe, with overuse, sporting injuries, and sudden impact, being amongst the most common. Each little toe consists of three phalange bones, which are connected to the metatarsal bones; the big toe normally only has two phalanges. A fractured toe may seem like a simple bone break, but like all fractures, it needs substantial recovery time, and additional care in order for that recovery to be safe, healthy, and fast. Our guide to fractured toe recovery, covers the symptoms, recovery, and physiotherapy treatment.

The Symptoms of a Sprained Big Toe vs. Broken Big Toe

If you are wondering, can I move a broken toe? Then it is important to be sure that you have identified the injury correctly before you attempt to move the area and potentially make the injury worse. The sprained toe symptoms are slightly different to the symptoms that accompany a fractured toe, so while it can be difficult to tell a sprained toe from a fractured toe, it is not impossible.

Commonly, there are a few symptoms that are much more likely to appear in a fractured toe. Bleeding, an increased difficultly moving, a burning sensation, and pain that does not fade after a couple days, can all indicate a fractured toe.

Could I Be Eligible for Free Private Treatment?

Not many people realise that they could be eligible for free private medical treatment for their broken or fractured toe. Each part of the UK has different private treatments available to UK residents for free, with a lot of variation in the type of treatments available.

The right treatment can help to reduce the broken toe healing time, enabling you to get back on your feet in no time. You can contact a member of our friendly team today to discuss whether you are eligible for free private treatment.

Should I Go to Hospital for a Broken Toe?

As with all potential broken bones, it is important to seek medical attention if you have a strong reason to believe that your toe is broken. While many breaks are simple to treat, some can be very severe and require surgery to treat. The answer to, what can a doctor do for a broken toe? Will depend on the severity of the fractured toe. Simple breaks may just need immobilising, while complex breaks may need surgery.

What Free Private Treatment Can I Get?

Whether you have a fractured toe or broken big toe joint, you may be eligible for free private treatment in many forms. This could be a full orthopaedic report, or even access to medical supplies that can help you speed up your recovery. You can call our team today for a quick chat about the different treatments available in your local area and see which you may be eligible for.

What Is the Broken Toe Healing Time?

Most fractured toes will be completely healed after around 6 weeks. However, this is not a guaranteed timeline. Serious fractured toes may incur a longer broken toe healing time, or in the worst cases, never heal completely. Rehabilitation in the form of physiotherapy can help to accelerate this recovery time.

Is There a Safe Way to Speed up My Recovery Time?

Were you aware that you could qualify for free physiotherapy treatment in the UK for your broken or fractured toe? Most people don’t understand to just what an extent the private medical treatment available in the UK is free. Physiotherapy can accelerate the broken toe healing time, helping you to get a full range of motion back and return to living life to the fullest. To find out of you qualify for free physiotherapy, contact our team today.

Contact Us Today to Find out If You Are Eligible to Receive Private Treatments for Free

Most people just don’t realise that they could be eligible to receive free medical treatment for their fractured toe. Just like any fractured bone, a broken toe can benefit from the free treatments that many people all over the UK are entitled to receive. From advanced medical support in the form of physiotherapy and orthopaedic reports, to essential medical supplies for a speedy recovery, there is a lot available for UK residents.

Our team at Medical Expert are on hand to provide all the information you need about free private treatments and eligibility in the UK. You can call us on 020 3870 4868 at any time to learn just what free treatments you could be eligible to receive.