Fractured Wrist Guide

A fractured wrist may not seem like the most severe of injuries, but it can drastically alter the way that you have to live day to day throughout the recovery period. Every task can be that much more difficult, as you learn to adjust to using a single hand to complete them. In the case of severe fractured wrist injuries, such as when broken wrist surgery plate and screws operations are required, these adjustments may be for a long time. Our guide covers everything that you need to know about how to identify a fractured wrist, common treatments, and tips for a speedy recovery, whether you have a broken wrist cast or not.

How to Tell If a Wrist Is Broken or Sprained?

It is very important to be able to tell the difference between a fractured wrist and a sprained wrist, as the treatments will likely be very different, and broken bones need immediate medical attention. The wrist contains eight different bones which all connect to the two bones in the forearm. Fracturing any of these bones can be very painful.

The different types of fractured wrist can have different symptoms, such as hairline fractured wrist symptoms, which are normally not as severe as if there was a comminuted fracture, where the bone has shattered. Common symptoms to help identify a fractured wrist, include:

  • Difficulty Moving the Wrist
  • Swelling
  • Tingling or Numbness in the Fingers
  • Severe Pain in the Wrist or When Moving the Fingers

Is There Any Free Treatment That I Could Qualify For?

Many people are unaware that there are free medical treatments available for patients who have suffered from a fractured wrist. All over the UK, there are different free private treatments available, with a little variation depending where in the UK that you live.

Access to the free private treatments can reduce the recovery time needed for a fractured or broken wrist to heal. To learn more about whether you qualify for the free treatments available for broken or fractured wrist recovery, you can contact our team today.

What Private Treatment Can I Get for Free?

There is a lot of variance in the treatment available for fractured and broken wrists. You may be able to receive medical treatment, like medical compresses, or medical supplies for a fractured wrist, like slings and ice packs. People all over the UK are able to claim for free private medical treatment to speed up their broken wrist recovery time. For more information about the free private treatments available in your area, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Broken Wrist Recovery Tips

All types of fractured wrist take time to properly heal, and the process shouldn’t be rushed. The type of injury can dictate just how long recovery will take; the distal radius fracture healing time is likely to be different from the scaphoid fracture healing time. There are a number of broken wrist recovery tips that can help you to recover quickly without compromising the quality of recovery; these include:

  • Keeping the broken wrist cast in good condition.
  • Moving the fingers on a regular basis to prevent stiffness.
  • A course of hand therapy, such as through a physiotherapist, to regain function and motion.
  • Avoiding strain or weight on the area.

Is There a Way That I Can Speed up My Recovery Time in a Safe Way?

Along with medical supplies, it may also be possible for you to qualify for free professional physiotherapy. A physiotherapy session, or multiple sessions, can help with the recovery after all manner of accidents, including broken and fractured wrists. If you would like to know more about the physiotherapy sessions available in your local area for free, then you can contact one of our friendly team members. The call only takes 30 seconds and can inform you of all the physiotherapy sessions available near you.

Contact Us to Learn More About the Free Treatment You Could Qualify For

It is not well known that there are free treatments available in the UK to residents who have sustained an injury, like a broken or fractured wrist. The free private treatment that is available can help to substantially reduce your broken wrist recovery time, giving you access to free medical supplies, treatments, orthopaedics, and physiotherapists. Depending on where you live, and your type of injury, you may qualify for all or some of the available treatments.

For more information about eligibility for free private treatment, contact Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 today. It can take less than a minute to get all the information you need to learn which treatments you are entitled to receive for free.