Knee replacement surgeons Guide

Having knee replacement surgery can be a big operation and can affect your everyday life in many ways. You will obviously be in some pain and discomfort for some time after the surgery but you also have to remember that you will be very limited in terms of mobility for a while. Many people who have knee replacement surgery struggle to get back on their feet, which means that their day to day lives are impacted upon. In order to make sure you are able to become mobile as soon as possible after this type of surgery you need to make sure you follow directions with regards to caring for your knee while it heals and that you access aftercare services.

What is involved with knee replacement surgery?

The surgery can be quite complicated and involved depending on what is being done. When it comes to partial or total knee replacement procedure step by step instructions may be given to you by your surgeon so that you know what to expect. You can also ask about possible knee replacement complications so that you know exactly what the risks are. You could spend some time in hospital after the operation, and the time period varies based on your health and age. Some people may be able to go home after several days while others may be in for longer.

The symptoms of serious knee problems

Knee surgery is generally carried out in the event that a person is suffering from serious knee problems which are affecting their day to day lives. Some of the symptoms of serious knee problems include:

  • Continued swelling and inflammation that cannot be helped with medication
  • Severe pain in the knee when trying to get around
  • Some level of pain in the knee when relaxing
  • Severe injury to the knee through sudden impact

How long does it take to heal from knee replacement surgery?

The healing time from this type of surgery can vary based on the level of surgery that was carried out, your age and health, and how well you follow the advice of doctors. You must resist trying to put pressure on or do activities too early otherwise you will cause more damage. You also need to make sure you do knee exercises as part of the surgery healing process, which is done via a physiotherapist. If you are looking for free private treatment after knee surgery, you can access this as a UK resident. Contact us if you would like further details.

Am I eligible for free knee replacement surgery?

After knee surgery you may need a number of different treatments. Painkillers will be necessary to keep the pain at bay but you will also need dressings to keep the wound protection as well as physiotherapy to help you gain mobility in your leg. These are some of the treatments that you can access through free private treatment after knee surgery. Contact us today and we can provide further information.

How can I recover safely?

You need to take great care after you have had this sort of surgery, as trying to do too much too soon can create issues and slow down healing. Make sure you do not exert or put unnecessary pressure on the leg or knee while in recovery. Also, make sure that you have physiotherapy treatment so that you can do the right exercises to strengthen and heal the knee, which will speed up the recovery. Call us today to find out about free private treatment for physiotherapy after your operation.

Contact us to find out if you qualify for free private treatment

People in the UK are often totally unaware of their ability to access free private treatment for issues such as knee surgery. No matter where you live, if you are a UK resident you may be eligible for free treatment in your local area. Speak to a member of our team today and we can check on your eligibility and provide you with further information.