Welcome to Medical Experts.

We are a British based and run organisation that provides our clients with specialist healthcare and medical services up and down the country.

The Perfect Alternative To The NHS

Are you looking for an alternative to the NHS and your local GP practice? We are here to help you.

If you choose to receive health care and medical services through our organisation, you will benefit from our extensive network of UK-based professional medical and health care specialists. So, wherever you are, whatever you need, we can help you.

Although the NHS is the best publicly-funded healthcare service of its kind, it has suffered from financial difficulties and there have been widely-publicised cuts. This puts a lot of pressure on local GP practices and clinics which is why you often have to spend a lot of time in waiting rooms, even when your problem is small and not particularly serious.

Get The Help You Need While Avoiding Busy Waiting Rooms

Modern life is very busy, too busy to be spent stuck in one of those waiting rooms. We offer a great alternative, whereby you can get the specialist medical services you need with as little hassle as possible.

If you have symptoms or an issue that does not require immediate or emergency medical attention, you can use our special services. Not only is this great if you have a tight schedule and find it hard to fit check-ups and doctor appointments into it.

It is also ideal if you have issues that are too sensitive or embarrassing to speak to your regular GP about. We guarantee that the specialists that work with us are confidential and are trained to deal with sensitive information without judgement or discrimination.

The Medical and Health Care Professionals You Need, Wherever You Are

No matter where you are in the country – whether it’s Aberdeen, Abernathy or London, we can provide you with the details of an experienced, fully qualified and certified medical professional who will do all he or she can to help you with your problems. They can also refer you to any specialists you may need help from when trying to pinpoint a diagnosis or appropriate treatment.

Access Free and Locally Based Specialist Physiotherapy Treatment

In addition to the wide array of standard medical services we provide to clients like you up and down the country, we can also provide you with expert physiotherapy at no extra cost. So if you are recovering from a car accident, sporting injury or something else and require physiotherapy, we can find someone in your local area with the knowledge and experience to help you build-up your strength and recover fully – if possible.

There is no need to wait to see your local GP or medical professional to receive a referral to a physiotherapist, we can put you directly in contact with them for no additional cost or catches.

Gives You The Chance To Take More Control Of Your Own Health Care

By using our services, you take your health care and medical services into your own hands. Getting the consultation, treatments and prescriptions you require is not based on waiting lists or staff availability.

A More Comfortable Form Of Health Care

We also provide you with a more comfortable service, because even if you appreciate and love the NHS, there is often nothing worse than sitting in a waiting room while someone blows his nose and crying babies while waiting to be seen by your doctor.

Perhaps you have an issue that is very gender-specific and feel uncomfortable sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room, with people of the opposite gender as you wait to be seen.

With Medical Experts, this is not a problem you have to deal with anymore.

Contact Medical Experts Today

Nowadays, you do not have to settle for anything other than the best – particularly when it comes to your health care.

So whether you are looking for a quick consultation, need a full medical check-up for a new job or sporting event, treatment options and alternatives, referrals to specific medical specialists or just want some professional health care advice – Medical Experts can provide you with what you need.

To summarise, with our services you:

• Have the opportunity to avoid waiting in busy GP practices and clinics, just for short and simple appointments
• Have access to the health care you need, when you need it
• Have access to specialist medical professionals wherever you are in the country
• Have access to free physiotherapy treatment

Get in contact with one of our fully qualified and specialist team at Medical Experts today, for all the help and advice you need.

We are looking forward to seeing just how we can help you get the health care you deserve.