Physiotherapy for a broken ankle

If you’re recovering from a broken ankle, it’s likely that you’re keen to explore rehabilitation methods that will help to speed up and aid your recovery process. Physical therapy is widely acknowledged as a great tool to help with the healing process of a broken ankle. We’ll talk about that more below as well as touching upon some common questions you may have around recovering from a broken ankle, such as how to walk after a broken ankle and how to strengthen ankle after injury.

Are There Any Tips on How to Walk After a Broken Ankle?

A broken ankle is extremely fragile so the first to remember is to take it slow. It is important to listen to your body during this healing process to avoid sustaining further injury. Getting on your feet too quickly will only serve to delay your recovery time. Broken ankle physiotherapy is highly recommended for a fractured ankle to help you get you back on your feet as quickly as safely possible. Make sure that you work with a trained physical therapist on your treatment plan.

Are there Any Free Options to Help With Recovery Including Free Physiotherapy for a Broken Ankle?

Those of you who are living in the UK and have suffered through a broken or fractured ankle will be happy to find that free medical supplies are easily available. To find out more about exactly what free medical assistance you can receive for your broken ankle, get in touch with us here at Medical Experts today. We’ll be able to talk you through all of your options in a lot more detail on the phone.

What Is the Usual Broken Ankle Recovery Time?

Full recovery from a broken ankle can take from six months to as long as a year. Other than the recommended treatment of physiotherapy for a broken ankle, you can also follow the below advice to recover safely:

  • Don’t put too much weight on your broken ankle
  • Keep your legs raised where possible
  • Refrain from heavy exercise or running after broken ankle,
  • Avoid sports, or anything that puts undue stress on your broken ankle
  • Keep in touch with your doctor and consult medical professionals before embarking on any physical activities

How Can I Recover From my Broken Ankle in a Safe and Quick Way?

Physical therapy is the best option to speed up the recovery process of a broken ankle in a safe way. To find out whether you could be eligible for it, get in touch with our friendly team today. They have the expertise to advise you on how you can safely recover from your broken ankle by accessing free broken ankle physiotherapy treatments from a trained professional. As it is such a fragile part of the body, it is highly recommended that you consult medical professionals only.

To Check if Free Private Broken Ankle Physiotherapy is an Option, Contact Us Today

There is a great chance that you could qualify for free physiotherapy for a broken ankle in your local area, which many UK nationals are not even aware of. To check whether this is an option for you today, give us a quick call at Medical Experts on 020 3870 4868. In just under 30 seconds, we’ll be able to verify which free private treatment is available and accessible in your local area. We’re just at the other end of the phone to help you recover quickly and safely from your broken ankle and help you get back to your daily life.