Physiotherapy for a broken wrist Guide

If you’ve suffered or are suffering from the painful injury of a broken wrist, you’ll be well aware that it’s a frustrating and debilitating injury. Not only does it hinder your daily life, it can be an extremely painful injury to endure. It’s likely that you’ll be interested in any treatment option that will help to minimise pain and speed up the recovery process. In this guide, we’ll talk about potential treatment options including broken wrist physiotherapy and wrist strengthening exercises after fractures.

Are There Any Helpful Exercises for Broken Wrist After Surgery?

Between sessions of professional physiotherapy for a broken wrist, there are a couple of simple exercises that you can do at home to help aid the rehabilitation process, including the folowing:

  • Extend your arm with your palm up on the broken wrist side. Grasp this hand with the opposite hand and pull back genty to feel a stretch on the forearm. Hold for three seconds and repeat ten times.
  • Move your wrist slowly from side to side, holding at each side for a couple of seconds. Repeat fifteen times up to three times per day.

Are there Any Free Treatments to Aid Recovery Such as Physiotherapy for a Broken Wrist?

Those of you who are UK nationals and have experienced a broken or fractured wrist will be pleasantly surprised to discover that free medical aid is available for you in this country. It is definitely possible for you to receive free medical supplies, including supplies like ice packs or medical compresses to help with your broken wrist. If you’re keen to discover more about how you’re able to receive this free help, get in touch with our team now. They have all the information about free treatment options available for a broken wrist, including whether you can receive more advanced treatments for free including physiotherapy for a broken wrist.

What Is the Average Broken Wrist Rehab Time?

Physiotherapy for a broken wrist will usually begin around six weeks after the wrist has broken, and once the cast has been removed. This is when the healing process usually kicks in. It is important not to begin the physical therapy too early, as your wrist could be at risk of injury again when it is in a more fragile state. Depending on the severity of the break and the methods taken to rehabilitate post-surgery, the broken wrist rehab time can take anywhere from eight weeks to a year!

How Can I Reduce the Recovery Time for my Broken Wrist Safely?

As a broken wrist can be a painful and frustrating injury for anyone to live with, it is definitely worth investigating the options for physical therapy to help you heal more quickly. Whether you are interested in distal radius fracture physiotherapy, physical therapy for broken wrist with plate, or simply more information on wrist strengthening exercises after fracture, get in touch with our expert team today. They will be able to help advise you on how you can recover from your broken wrist more quickly in the safest way possible.

To Check if You Qualify for Free Private Treatment, Contact Us Today

There is a possibility that you could be eligible for free physiotherapy for a broken wrist. To find out whether you are today, give us a call at Medical Experts on 020 3870 4868. In under 30 seconds, we’ll be able to clarify which free private treatment is possible in your local area. We’re just a quick away and keen to help you recover from your broken write as quickly and safely as possible.