Physiotherapy for a Sprained Ankle Gudie

Whether you are an outgoing and sporty person or one that loves the indoors, almost every person will at some point end up spraining or twisting their ankle. Physiotherapy has been proven to greatly assist in the rehabilitation of a sprained ankle and not only helps in the recovery but also helps strengthen the ankle to prevent future injuries of this nature. Depending on the severity of the sprain, a sprained ankle rehabilitation can last anywhere between 2 and 12 weeks.

What is a Sprained Ankle?

Although many people at some point suffer from joint pains or have pain from hurting their ankle, a sprained ankle generally occurs when there is moderate to significant amounts of swelling and pain after the injury, during which the ligaments may have been twisted, stretched or even in more severe cases damaged.

Common Causes of Sprained Ankles

Depending on the type of sprain, generally the foot moves inwards or outwards, while the ankle itself moves in the opposite direction causing strain to the ligaments within the ankle. These types of ankle injuries most often occur when taking part in physical sports, such as football or running. It is however not uncommon to experience ankle sprains as the result of slips and falls around the house, such as slipping on steps.

What Physiotherapy for a Sprained Ankle is available?

Even though many experts may simply prescribe the following based on the nature and severity of the sprain:

  • Lots of rest
  • Apply an ice pack over swollen areas until the swelling goes down
  • Keep the foot elevated

These simple measures can provide one with a level of comfort and allow the ankle sprain time to heal, but some ankle sprains are more severe and may need additional medical assistance.

In more severe cases a doctor may take x-rays to confirm that there are no fractures and if it is indeed a severe ankle sprain then. With more severe cases, the rehabilitation period can become significantly longer and a doctor will usually advise physiotherapy during the rehabilitation period.

Why Physiotherapy for a Sprained Ankle is Important

Proper therapy is key to making a full recovery with ankle sprains, because past sprains can significantly increase the chances of future ankle sprains. Physiotherapy is thus important because it enables one to:

  • Increase the range of motion in the injured ankle
  • Fully restore proprioception within the injured ankle
  • Improve the strength and agility of the ankle

Most rehabilitation programs will aim towards these general goals, but this may however become more intensive if one plans to return to sport activities after this period.

Dos and Don’ts for an Ankle Sprain

Many of us, especially those who lead more active lifestyles will want to get back on their feet in the shortest possible time after suffering an ankle sprain, there are however things which can be done and things which should be avoided when trying to recuperate:

Do take lots of rest
Keep the ankle elevated
Apply pressure with a wrap and also an ice pack/heat pack
Do not put excessive weight on the ankle if there is still discomfort- try a little bit at a time
Do not try to treat yourself if the injury is serious
Do not completely immobilise the ankle unless advised to do so by a medical professional

Free Private Physiotherapy Treatments for Sprained Ankles that are Available

Any person living within an area with coverage qualifies for free a free medical assessment and can also access physiotherapy classes at no charge. There are lots of treatment and rehabilitation options available to suit your specific needs and the severity of your injury. This allows for a shorter recovery period and also reduces your risk of spraining you ankle in future.

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