Physiotherapy for dislocated shoulder Guide

Within the human body, the shoulder joints are the joints that are most commonly dislocated. This is due to the fact that the shoulder joint is the mobile joint in our body, which also makes it the most unstable and potentially fragile joint. Most medical experts are generally in agreement that a professional treatment of physiotherapy for dislocated shoulder can prove extremely beneficial for a dislocated shoulder. It can help speed up the recovery process and reduce your pain considerably. Read on to find out more about physiotherapy for a dislocated shoulder.

What Are the Primary Causes of Shoulder Dislocation?

The most common causes of shoulder dislocation include the below

  • Sports or exercise related injuries (this is by far the most common reason for younger people)
  • Weakening of ligaments due to the aging process
  • Falling on an outstretched hand
  • Seizures

What Is the Expected Shoulder Dislocation Recovery Time?

On average, in the case of a dislocated shoulder where the proper rehabilitation methods are followed, the healing process can take between twelve to sixteen weeks. If you decide to undertake a professional treatment of physiotherapy for dislocated shoulder, your healing time is guaranteed to be reduced if there are no other complications

Are There Any Free Shoulder Dislocation Physiotherapy Treatments That I Could Be Eligible For?
You’ll be pleased to hear that there is a lot available to you for free to help with your dislocated shoulder. If you’re a UK national, you’re likely to receive free medical supplies to help you deal with your dislocated shoulder. For more information and clarification on exactly what is available to you, give our team a quick call today and they’ll be happy to take you through all your options.

When Can I Start Exercising After Shoulder Dislocation?

After your shoulder has been dislocated, it is generally advised that you avoid sports or exercise for a minimum of six weeks. This is important to remember as even if the pain wears off your shoulder will still be in a fragile state and will need time to repair and heal itself. You should definitely steer clear of lifting and bodybuilding exercises within this period. Physical therapists will be able to advise on rehab exercises which will keep you moving as well as help you heal in a safe manner. Physiotherapy exercises can probably be done sooner than six weeks, but it is important to consult a trained professional to see what is safe as the shoulder joint is a fragile area.

Is There a Faster and Safer Way to Recover from My Dislocated Shoulder?

The most efficient way to reduce the length of your healing time for a dislocated shoulder has got to be shoulder dislocation physiotherapy from a medical professional. To find out more about physiotherapy for dislocated shoulder, our team is at hand to help you with lot of detailed information. Contact us today to find out more about your options.

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If you’re suffering from a dislocated shoulder, free professional shoulder dislocation physiotherapy may be available to you. If you’re keen to get back to your daily life and hit the gym or sports field again as quickly as possible, we’d highly recommend you investigate this option. Here at Medical Expert, it’ll take us a quick 30 seconds to check your eligibility for free treatment so give us a call today and find out more!