Physiotherapy for foot guide

There’s no doubt that a foot injury, no matter how small, can leave you feeling very frustrated. It can also take a long time to heal, leaving you unable to go about your daily business with ease. Depending on how severe the injury is, you may be required to get surgery. However, physiotherapy for foot fractures and other types of foot injuries has been known to be highly effective in aiding recovery. Let’s go through the different ways in which foot physiotherapy could benefit those of you currently suffering from pain in this area.

What Types of Foot Injuries Is Foot Physiotherapy Likely to Help With?

The most common foot ailments that foot physiotherapy is generally recommended for include the following;

  • Foot fractures
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Ankle injuries including sprains

Are There Any Exercises I Can Do at Home to Help Relieve My Foot Pain?

Physical therapy for feet and toes can begin at home, before you embark upon your professional treatment of physiotherapy for foot injuries. Here are some simple foot pain exercises that can help with issues like metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis among others:

  • Push a wall. As odd as it sounds, a simple wall push could help ease your foot pain. Place your hands on a wall in front of you at shoulder height with one foot ahead of the other and the front knee bent. Bend the front knee further until you feel a stretch in your calf and repeat at least ten times.
  • Pick up a towel with your toes. Another somewhat strange one but trust us, it helps! Sit on a chair and pick up a towel from the floor using only your toes and your heels firmly on the ground. Repeat up to twenty times.
  • If you’re searching for foot pain exercises for plantar fasciitis, try rolling around a round tin in the arch of your foot while sitting down. Do this for a few minutes twice a day.

Are there Any Free Foot Physiotherapy Treatments Available for me?

The good news is that you could potentially receive free professional physiotherapy for foot if you’re based in the UK. It’s very likely that you will be be able to receive free medical supplies, including ice packs, crutches or medical compresses. If you would like more information on whether you’re eligible for this free assistance, our team can help. Contact us today and we’ll talk you through exactly what you’re eligible for.

Is There a Quicker Way to Recover from My Foot Pain?

There are many treatment options out there that can help you recover from foot pain and injuries quickly and safely. The most beneficial way to speed up the recover process is undoubtedly foot physiotherapy from a trained professional. If you want to find out more or get a physiotherapy foot assessment, our team can help you today. They will also let you know exactly which foot physiotherapy options are available to you for free.

Get in Touch with Us to Check If You Are Eligible for Free Private Treatment

There are thousands of people in the UK who may be eligible for free professional physiotherapy for foot injuries or issues and are simply not aware of it. To find out now if you qualify for free physiotherapy for foot pain, give us a call now. At Medical Expert, we’ll take less than 30 seconds to let you know whether free private treatment is an option for you in your area. We’d like to help you learn as much as you can about foot physiotherapy and how exactly it can ease your pain and aid your recovery process!