Physiotherapy for Hip replacement Guide

Hip replacement is something which usually occurs to people who are in their senior years and for many is often a point of great anxiety. This is often linked to the common misconception that after hip replacement surgery mobility may never be the same again or that hip replacements will be a source of pain for the remainder of one’s years.

This however does not necessarily have to be the case! There are wonderful pain management options available and great methods of improving your mobility to better levels than before, such as physiotherapy for hip replacement.

Hip replacement

Hip replacement is a procedure done to replace the hip joint suffering from severe arthritis, with an artificial joint made using metal, ceramic or plastic. This procedure is only carried out when all else fails to relieve the pain in the hip.

Hip replacement surgery may also often carried out when there is a serious hip injury such as hip fracture. People with bone tumours are also treated with hip replacement surgery for pain relief and ease of walking.

After surgery care

After the surgery, extreme care should be taken so as not to dislocate your new hip. It is advisable to take precautionary measures for anywhere between 6 months to a year. Hip replacement recovering patients are advised not to twist their body, cross their legs, bend their body and take extreme care so as not to strain the bone joint.

This vastly limits any movement of such a person and often they may need a dedicated caregiver for the first few months until some mobility is restored.

Risks after hip replacement surgery

There are various risks that can arise after the hip replacement surgery. Dislocation of the ball joint is one of the most critical risks after a hip replacement surgery and some of the common risks involved with hip replacement are

  • Blood clots
  • Infection at the surgery site.
  • Fracture
  • Difference in length of the legs
  • Joint stiffening

Recovery from hip replacement surgery

After surgery care and recovery, is the most critical step during the process as you need to take extra care so as not to damage the hip further. Physiotherapy for hip replacement is highly recommended and may be regarded as a crucial part of the recovery process.

Various exercises and activities are recommended to strengthen your hip and improve mobility. Hip replacement physiotherapy not only strengthens and aids in mobility, it also helps with pain management.

Free Private Hip Replacement Physiotherapy

There are many varieties of medical assistance which can help alleviate pain and speed up your recovery such as physiotherapy for hip replacement. Such services may be offered within your area as is administered by qualified medical professionals. Other medical services may include regular check-ups and assistance with pain management.

How to Speed up Recovery with Hip Replacement Physiotherapy

Even though there may be many factors which affect the length of the rehabilitation period, such as age or related pre-existing conditions, there are several easy measures which can vastly assist in shortening the recovery process. These may include

  • Keep on moving- often fear of moving holds many people back, but by undertaking regular movements, such as standing up or walking, blood flow is increase to the affected area and confidence may also be improved.
  • Create positive spaces for recovery- this could include making areas in the house accessible for a walker as well as creating comfortable areas which are suitable for rest
  • Manage your diet- as with most types of long term recoveries, maintaining the proper diet, such as getting enough protein is a critical part of the recovery process

It is however usually best to first discuss these with a registered health professional as some people may need more tailored advice to suite their specific medical needs.

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