Physiotherapy For Tennis Elbow Guide

Tennis elbow is a condition which results from straining in forearm’s tendons which then become inflamed. Any activity which requires you to twist and grip with your forearm causes this kind of strain and actually, the majority of cases have nothing to do with tennis or any other sporting activity. Physiotherapy for tennis elbow is one of the best ways of ensuring a rapid recovery from this condition.

Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow has many symptoms including:

  • Discomfort when moving the arm
  • Tenderness to the outer elbow when it is touched
  • Swelling on the outer elbow
  • Pain in the forearm
  • Additional pain on moving the wrist in a repetitive action
  • Pain when carrying weight

Traditional Treatment For Tennis Elbow

The traditional treatment for tennis elbow includes taking anti-inflammatory and painkilling medications to help reduce swelling and pain. An anti-inflammatory cream applied to the area may often be recommended. For severe cases which do not subside within a couple of weeks, steroid injections to the site may be advised together with a period of rest for the elbow.

Could I Receive Free Private Physiotherapy For My Tennis Elbow?

To complement the free NHS treatment which all UK residents are entitled to receive, many people are surprised to learn that they could also benefit from free private treatments to complement standard medications. By calling Medical Expert, you too can find out if you are eligible to benefit from any free additional treatments that can help to improve your condition and speed up your recovery.

Could I Get Physiotherapy For Tennis Elbow In My Area?

People who are eligible to claim for free private healthcare treatments for their condition can often benefit from a range of treatments including free medical supplies like compresses and ice packs as well as physiotherapy for tennis elbow which can be extremely beneficial in alleviating pain and helping to promote healing. Call us today and find out if this kind of treatment is available in your area.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Tennis Elbow With Physiotherapy?

Although some cases of tennis elbow heal within a couple of weeks, especially stubborn cases may linger on. These cases may not recover for at least four weeks and may take as long as 2 months until a full recovery is made. Unfortunately, tennis elbow, while not a serious condition, can cause a lot of problems in everyday life and can end up causing difficulties in tackling daily tasks and activities as well as difficulties in working.

Is It Possible To Have A Faster Recovery From Tennis Elbow?

Although for some patients their case of tennis elbow will resolve itself within a couple of weeks, those patients who have a longer lasting case and who are suffering from ongoing problems and difficulties could benefit from physiotherapy for tennis elbow. By teaching a range of movement exercises that strengthen the arm, improving flexibility and strength in the muscles and joints, this form of treatment can help to speed up recovery times from this condition and can help to reduce pain more quickly.

Contact Medical Expert And Learn More About Physiotherapy For Tennis Elbow

If you are suffering from this condition and want to find out if you could benefit from free private physiotherapy for tennis elbow, give Medical Expert a call on 020 3870 4868 today. We can advise you straight away