Recovery time for sprained MCL Guide

The MCL is the medial collateral ligament, which is one of the four ligaments located in the knee. The main purpose of the MCL is to stop inward over-extending from occurring. An MCL injury is often the result of sustaining sudden impact to the knee with force, such as sporting injuries where contact is involved. In our guide, we look at the key facts of an MCL injury, treatment, and the recovery time for sprained MCL injuries.

Can You Still Walk with a Torn MCL?

The question, what does a sprained MCL feel like? Can help to identify whether it is possible to walk on a torn MCL. Like all knee sprain injuries, an MCL sprain can be separated into 3 grades, with a grade 1 MCL sprain being a minor injury and grade 3 being a severe injury. As the symptoms get worse the further up the grades you go, if you are experiencing serious pain, then you could have a grade 3 injury which can severely limit mobility. The common symptoms of an MCL sprain injury, include:

  • The MCL, located on the knee’s inner side, will feel tender.
  • Weakness in the knee area.
  • If the knee buckles when bearing weight, it will be outwards.
  • The pain will range from minor to severe.
  • The injured area may experience swelling, which can be major in serious injuries.

Is Private Treatment Available for Free near Me?

Most people don’t know that it is possible to receive private medical care for free in the UK. Many people are eligible to receive private treatment for a sprained MCL in their local area. This can help reduce the recovery time for sprained MCL injuries and get you back on your feet much quicker. You can give our team a call to enquire about free private care and whether you could qualify.

What Kind of Helpful Treatment Could I Make a Claim For?

Suffering from a sprained MCL may mean that you could get help with a MCL brace, receive ice packs, or medical compresses. The treatment available depends largely on where in the UK that you reside. Some people can even claim for advanced treatment, like orthopaedic reporting. It only takes 30 seconds to give our friendly team a call and see which treatments you could be eligible for.

What Is the Recovery Time for the Different Grades of MCL?

There is a lot of variation between the recovery time for the different grades of ligament damage in the knee. The grade 1 MCL sprain recovery time could be around 3 weeks, with some discrepancy depending on the health of the patient and how well treatment was adhered to. Similarly, the grade 2 MCL sprain recovery time can vary, but is commonly around 6 weeks, and the most severe of grade 3 injuries around 4 months. Some treatment, such as physiotherapy, can help to reduce the recovery time for sprained MCL injuries.

Could MCL Sprain Exercises Help Me to Recover at a Faster Rate?

Undertaking a course of physiotherapy, and practicing the right MCL sprain exercises, can really help to accelerate the recovery time for sprained MCL injuries, especially if the injury is serious. Did you know that you may qualify for free physiotherapy? Many people can claim for free physiotherapy in their local area, which can help to build up strength and motion after an injury. Please give us a call today to learn more.

To Find out More About Private Treatment Qualification Call Us Today

It is very easy to discover more about free private treatment for a sprained MCL. Just a 30 second call to our team at Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868, is all it takes to learn about the treatments in your local area, whether you qualify to receive any treatments, and how many treatments are available. For access to extra support, assistance, and care during the recovery time for sprained MCL injuries, give us a call today.