Recovery Time For A Sprained Shoulder Guide

A sprained shoulder involves tearing of the ligaments in the shoulder which connect the bones to each other around the joint. Usually a shoulder sprain involves the acromioclavicular joint, and this is sometimes known as “shoulder separation”. Sometimes, although less frequently, a shoulder sprain may involve the sternoclavicular joint. There are three grades of shoulder sprain from the mild (grade 1) to the severe (grade 3) and depending on which type the patient is suffering from, the recovery time for sprained shoulder could be as long as five months.

Sprained Shoulder Symptoms

Patients who have a Grade 1 sprain will experience milder symptoms than those who have a Grade 3 sprain, however many of the signs are similar. Some of the symptoms to look out for include:

  • Swelling
  • Tenderness in the collarbone
  • Pain when moving the shoulder or arm
  • Pain to the touch

Am I Eligible for Any Free Private Treatments for My Sprained Shoulder?

If you have sprained your shoulder, regardless of whether it is a grade 1, 2 or 3 sprain, it is possible that you are eligible to claim private treatment for your injury in the UK. Depending on where in the UK you are located, there are a variety of private treatments which may be available for you to access with no need to pay yourself.

To complement NHS treatments which are available for a sprained shoulder, you could well find that receiving free of charge private treatments can frequently help to shorten your recovery time for sprained shoulder. All you need to do is contact our professional team today to find out if one of our professional healthcare specialists can deliver your treatment in your area.

Which Private Treatments For Sprained Shoulder Are Available Free Of Charge?

If you have a sprained shoulder injury, finding out that you are entitled to receive private medical treatment can be a huge advantage. Supplies like heat packs and ice packs that can relieve inflammation and swelling are often available, and sometimes professional physiotherapy is even available to promote healing and to speed recovery times. If you contact the Medical Expert team today, you can learn quickly whether or not you could benefit.

The Recovery Time For Sprained Shoulder

If you have suffered from a mild grade 1 sprained shoulder, it is likely that the pain will be greatly reduced within a couple of weeks, however for a more serious sprain, the recovery time for sprained shoulder could be up to four weeks. Grade 3 sprain patients may need to wait as long as 5 months and go through extensive rehabilitation programmes before being able to return to sporting activities.

How Can I Recover from My Sprained Shoulder Quickly and Safely?

When you benefit from physiotherapy on your sprained shoulder it is usually possible to restore greater function and improved strength to the area more speedily. Many people across the UK are unaware that they have the possibility of claiming for a free private treatment to help them to recover from their shoulder injury, however if you speak to the Medical Expert team today, you can find out in minutes whether you could take advantage of this free of charge service.

Contact Medical Expert To Find Your Eligibility For Free Private Treatment

There are many available forms of treatment for those who have sprained shoulder injuries, ranging from medical supply provision to free private physiotherapy which could significantly reduce the recovery time for sprained shoulder injuries. Talk to the Medical Expert team as soon as possible on 020 3870 4868 and you may qualify for free private treatment for your sprained shoulder.