Recovery time for a sprained wrist Guide

Spraining your wrist is a painful experience that may cause the injured area to become swollen, bruised, and tender. There are different severities of wrist injury, so it is possible to have a sprained wrist with zero swelling, or only minor bruising. Those injuries that cannot be treated at home, may require physiotherapy with sprained wrist exercises, or even surgery to repair the ligament damage. Our guide covers the various causes of a sprained wrist, treatments, rehabilitation, and the recovery time for a sprained wrist.

What Are the Main Causes of a Sprained Wrist?

A sprained wrist is commonly associated with sporting injuries, and it is a very regular occurrence in many different types of sport, such as; skateboarding, baseball, diving, and gymnastics. However, sprained wrists can be sustained in multiple other ways, including:

  • Twisting the wrist in an awkward way
  • Bending the wrist awkwardly
  • Sustaining impact to the wrist
  • Sudden pressure to the wrist
  • Falling and using an arm as support

Am I Eligible to Receive Free Private Treatment?

While the symptoms are very different between a sprained wrist vs broken wrist, you may be eligible to receive free medical care in the UK in the event of a sprain or a fracture. There are diverse treatments available all over the UK for qualifying residents, each helping to ensure a safe and speedy recovery from serious injuries.

You can get more information about qualifying for these treatments by calling our team today. The call takes less than a minute, put provides invaluable information about free private services and qualification.

What Wrist Sprain Treatment Could I Get for Free?

To help with the symptoms of a sprained wrist, you may be able to claim for a sprained wrist bandage, ice packs, or medical compresses. There are many forms of private treatment operating throughout the UK. If you are struggling with the symptoms of a sprained wrist and want to speed up your recovery in a safe way, it is worth calling us today to see which treatments are available near you.

How Long Is the Recovery Time for a Sprained Wrist?

As everyone heals at drastically different rates, it can be very hard to predict the exact recovery time for a sprained wrist. How bad the injury is (grade 1, grade 2, or grade 3), what treatment has been used, how healthy the patient is, what other injuries were sustained, and whether surgery was needed, are just some of the factors that can impact the recovery time for a sprained wrist. The estimated time frame is between 3 days and multiple months, with minor injuries normally only taking about 3 days to heal, and the recovery after major injuries stretching into months.

How to Heal a Sprained Wrist Fast with Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can help you to speed up the recovery time for a sprained wrist in most cases. With speciality exercises that can strengthen your wrist, and help you to regain a range of motion, it is a very important part of many people’s rehabilitation. You may even be able to claim for free physiotherapy, as one of the advanced free private treatments on offer in the UK. To enquire about claiming for physiotherapy, or any of the high-quality treatments available, call us today.

Contact Us Today for More Information About Free Private Treatment

Far too many people are in the dark about which private treatment they could claim for free, whether they are eligible, and which treatments are close to their home. Everyone should get the full medical care that they are entitled to, whether it is simple treatment or advanced treatment and rehabilitation, like orthopaedic reporting and physiotherapy.

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