Recovery Time for Sprained Ankle Guide

Recovery for sprained ankle injuries can be a lot more involved than most people think. Sprains may be a very common injury, but they need time, care, and patience to recover from, just like a fracture. Damaging the ligaments in your ankle, which commonly means sustaining damage to either the anterior talofibular, calcaneofibular, or posterior talofibular ligament, can become quite serious if you don’t prioritise your recovery. By reading our guide, you will learn about the different grades of ankle sprain, treatments, and the recovery time for sprained ankle injuries.

What Are the Different Grades of Ankle Sprain?

While many people categorise all types of ligament damage in the ankle under the term ‘sprained ankle’, there are in fact three different grades of sprain injury;

Grade One – A grade 1 ankle sprain is the most minor of the three injuries. The sprain should not limit mobility too much and swelling and bruising are only likely to be minor.

Grade Two – A grade 2 sprain can mean that you have torn a ligament, which can be much more painful than a grade 1 ankle sprain. The main twisted ankle symptoms, like bruising and swelling, are also likely to be worse.

Grade Three – A grade 3 sprain is the most serious of the three, with the answer to, can you walk on a sprained ankle? Likely to be no if it is a grade 3 injury. The symptoms can be very bad, and the pain of the ligament tear substantial.

What Treatments Could I Get for Free?

Whether you’re suffering from a grade 1 ankle sprain or a grade 3 injury, you may be able to claim for free private treatment. Different treatments are accessible all over the country, all that has to be done in many cases, is make a claim. You can discover more about eligibility for access to private medical care for free by calling our team today.

Can Private Medical Treatment Really Help with My Sprained Ankle?

Each part of the UK has different treatments, but a lot of UK nationals can claim for one or more of them. To help speed up the recovery time for sprained ankle injuries, you may be able to receive free crutches, ice packs, or medical compresses. Checking to see which treatments are in operation in your local area is simple, just give our friendly team a call.

What Is the Torn Ligament in Ankle Recovery Time?

The recovery time for sprained ankle injuries really differs from person to person. The grade 1 sprains are likely going to take less time to recover from than a grade 3 sprain, which may possibly require more extensive treatment. Minor injuries could be recovered from in the space of 2 to 4 weeks, while major injuries, and especially those that require surgery, may take 2 months or more to heal.

Is Physiotherapy a Possibility for a Sprained Ankle?

If you’re wondering, how to heal a sprained ankle fast? Then physiotherapy may be right for you. Physiotherapy has many wonderful benefits, on top of being able to speed up recovery time from sprains in a safe way. Through personally tailored sprained ankle exercises, your physiotherapist can aid you in recovering motion, flexibility, and function. You could even be eligible to receive this treatment for free. All it takes to learn more about physiotherapy sessions for free, is a quick call to our friendly team.

Check to See If You Are Eligible for Private Treatment by Calling Us Today

If you are suffering from a sprained ankle, then the right treatment can make all the difference between a healthy recovery, and one that is prolonged. With one of the private treatments available near you, whether it’s physiotherapy, orthopaedic reporting, or free medical supplies, you could really help to decrease the recovery time for sprained ankle injuries.

To discover whether you are eligible, and how to claim for treatment if you are, all you need to do is call Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868. In 30 seconds, you’ll know everything about qualification, treatments, and how to claim for free private treatment.