Recovery Time for Sprained Knee Guide

A knee sprain is a very common injury amongst athletes, such as footballers, but can also be the result of any unnatural movement where the ligaments in the knee are damaged. Often, knee sprain treatment involves rehabilitation and bed rest, giving the knee time to repair and heal. However, in serious cases, a surgical treatment may also be required. In our guide, we cover key facts about sprained knee injuries, treatment, and the recovery time for sprained knee injuries

What Does a Sprained Knee Feel Like?

A torn ligament knee injury can happen very suddenly and be a painful experience; whether the injury is minor or severe. Most knee sprain injuries are categorised as either a grade 1, grade 2, or grade 3 injury. The most severe injuries come with heightened symptoms, like trouble walking, swelling and bruising, and significant pain; the symptoms of a knee sprain vs tear symptoms can be quite similar. A minor twisted knee with no swelling is possible, while a serious sprained knee without swelling is unlikely.

If you have suffered from a sprained knee, it is likely that you will have limited mobility, and the symptoms will mean that you may have to avoid exercise and any strenuous activity. The question of, can you walk on a sprained knee? Can differ from case to case. Serious injuries could prevent you from walking while minor injuries do not normally limit mobility to that extent.

Can Private Treatment Help with Recovery Time For Sprained Knee?

Private medical treatment is available for free to many UK residents who want extra help to speed up their recovery time for sprained knee injuries. The treatments on offer are incredibly diverse, helping your injury to heal and providing assistance during the rehabilitation stage. All it takes is a quick call to our expert team today to find out if you are eligible.

What Kinds of Knee Treatments Could I Qualify For?

It may be possible for you to obtain essential medical supplies, like ice packs and medical compresses, or advanced treatment like orthopaedic reporting and physiotherapy, to help with the recovery time for sprained knee injuries. You can call us today to see which treatments are available close to your home, and whether you could be eligible to make a claim.

How Long Does It Take for Ligaments to Recover in a Sprained Knee?

Your recovery from a knee sprain could be relatively quick or take months. This depends on a number of factors such as the severity of the sprain, what treatment you undertake, whether you have physiotherapy, and if you needed surgery. It is possible that you will be back up and walking normally in a few weeks after a minor sprain, 6 weeks for moderate injuries, and 4 months for major injuries.

Could Physiotherapy Help Speed Up Recovery Time for Sprained Knee?

Knee sprain exercises can help you to obtain a wider range of motion in your knee after a knee sprain. With the help of physiotherapy, you could get back to your normal routine at a much faster rate. You can enquire about free physiotherapy treatment by giving our friendly and professional team a call today.

Give Us a Call Today to Check If You Are Eligible for Free Private Treatment

If you’re struggling to cope with the sprained knee symptoms then free private treatment may be able to help you, like so many other residents of the UK. A lot of people are eligible to receive free private medical care, whether through the provision of free medical supplies, or advanced physiotherapy and orthopaedic reporting services in their local area. To learn how to make a claim for free private medical treatment and discover more about your eligibility for extra assistance during the recovery time for sprained knee injuries, call Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 today.