Recovery time for sprained wrist Guide

A sprained wrist is a common injury, partly because it is so easy to sprain the wrist. In some cases, a sprained wrist can be the result of small falls or low impact collisions. The injury is particularly common amongst athletes, especially those who regularly exert their wrist, like baseball players and gymnastics. In our guide, we look at how to heal a sprained wrist fast, physiotherapy, key facts, and the recovery time for sprained wrist injuries.

What Do I Need to Know About a Sprained Wrist?

Many people don’t realise that there is more than one type of sprained wrist. Injuries that involve spraining the wrist can be split into three categories, ranked on their severity; grade one (minor), grade 2 (moderate), and grade 3 (severe). Understanding the different types can help you to identify the difference between sprained wrist vs broken wrist symptoms.

A grade 1 sprain will likely be painful, but not very serious in terms of damage; in minor cases it is possible to have a sprained wrist where you have no visible swelling. A grade 2 injury will be more painful than a grade 1 and the wrist will likely feel loose and not function correctly. A grade 3 injury will be very painful, the ligament severely damaged, and function of the wrist drastically reduced.

What Treatment Is Available for a Sprained Wrist for Free?

Did you know that there are a large number of private medical treatments in the UK that can be claimed for without having to pay? If you are suffering from a sprained wrist and want additional support during the recovery time for sprained wrist injuries, then learning about eligibility for free private medical care could be the right next step for you. Call our team as soon as possible to get more information about free medical treatment.

How Do I Know Which Wrist Sprain Treatment I Qualify For?

You may be able to get help with a sprained wrist bandage or a sprained wrist brace for free in your local area. Other treatments, like further free medical supplies, physiotherapy, and orthopaedic reporting services, may also be available. To check which treatments are available near to your home, and whether you could receive one or more, contact us today.

How Long Will My Sprained Wrist Take to Heal?

The recovery time for sprained wrist injuries that are minor is normally a few days, while major sprains can take multiple weeks, or in some cases, months to heal. This can be increased if you don’t give the wrist the time it needs to recover, or further damage the area. In some cases, the recovery time for sprained wrist injuries can be decreased, especially when undergoing physiotherapy with a specialist.

Is It Possible to Get Help with Sprained Wrist Exercises?

Free private medical care can also provide ongoing assistance through rehabilitation for those residents in the UK who are eligible. This could be in the form of physiotherapy to aid with the recovery time for sprained wrist injuries. Expert help from a physiotherapist means that you could gain access to tailored sprained wrist exercises to speed up your recovery in a safe and comfortable way, without damaging the wrist further.

Call Us Today to Learn If You Qualify for Free Medical Care

Learning more about the free private treatment for sprained wrist injuries is incredibly easy. By giving Medical Expert a call on 020 3870 4868, you can get all the information you need about the vast range of treatments and how to qualify. The whole process can take less than a minute but covers all the wonderful simple and advanced private treatments that you may be able to claim for to assist with the recovery time for sprained wrist injuries.