Recovery time for torn hamstring Guide

A torn hamstring is a very common injury amongst athletes, and especially amongst athletes that run or sprint. Hamstring injuries can either be sustained to the three muscles on the back of the thigh or to the tendons on the back of the thigh. The injury is painful and disabling, but it can be quite simple to treat. Normally, rehabilitation and physiotherapy play an important role in torn hamstring recovery. In our guide, we cover the torn hamstring causes, physiotherapy, treatment, and the recovery time for torn hamstring injuries.

What Can Cause a Torn Hamstring?

There are a number of ways that you can tear your hamstring, but normally it is through over-stretching, where either the muscles or tendons have been used too much; something that can happen if you overexert or don’t stretch your body properly before strenuous exercise. A hamstring tear can occur suddenly, or gradually appear over time.

Are There Private Treatments That I Could Claim For?

Many people don’t know it, but it is possible for a lot of UK residents to claim for free private treatment in the instance of a torn hamstring injury. An extensive range of high-quality and professional treatment is available throughout the UK. All it takes to learn more about your eligibility, is a quick 30 second call to our expert team today.

Which Free Treatments Are on Offer near Me?

The treatment that you may be able to claim for today could be simple, like additional help with medical supplies, or advanced, like orthopaedic reporting and physiotherapy. Services could range from help with grade 1 hamstring strain rehab exercises, to assistance with pulled hamstring stretches, along with help to make your recovery more comfortable and symptoms less severe, like medical compresses and ice packs. Please call our team today to learn about the specific treatments available in your local area, and whether you could qualify to gain access to one or more.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Hamstring Injury?

There are three grades of hamstring injury, each with their own recovery time and severity of symptoms. The grade 1 hamstring strain recovery time is generally the lowest, possibly only taking a few days to heal. After grade 1, the recovery time for torn hamstring injuries can extend into weeks and potentially even months. In the case of torn hamstring surgery, where the injury was severe, this could be further increased to between 6 and 12 months, or potentially even longer. Hamstring recovery exercises through a physiotherapist can help to make recovery healthier, more effective, and faster.

What Is the Best Way for How to Heal a Hamstring Strain Fast?

For tailored exercises to really help decrease the recovery time for torn hamstring injuries in the safest way possible, physiotherapy can be a very beneficial treatment. A physiotherapist will assess your injury, before tailoring an exercise plan to help you recover as much motion and strength as possible. In many areas of the UK, these expert services are available for free. To learn more, give our team a call at your soonest convenience.

Get More Information About Private Treatment for Torn Hamstrings by Contacting Us Today

Private treatment is open to a lot more people than many expect, and in a lot of cases, it is completely free. The treatment can help with the recovery time for torn hamstring injuries, ensure a more comfortable recovery, and help you to get back to work and enjoying the hobbies you love much quicker.

Enquiring about these treatments is a process that takes less than a minute but can make months of recovery time much more effective. If you think that you could benefit from additional support and assistance through your recovery, call Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 today.