Recovery time for torn ligament in knee guide

Tearing a ligament in the knee is a painful but common injury, often sustained during sporting accidents. The knee ligaments anatomy means that a knee sprain can refer to a sprain in one of four different main ligaments; abbreviated to MCL, LCL, PCL, and, ACL. It is possible to treat a ligament tear in knee with home remedy treatments in most minor cases, while severe injuries may require physiotherapy, or even surgery. By reading our guide, you’ll learn about the common treatments for knee sprains, the symptoms for each grade of knee injury, and the recovery time for torn ligament in knee injuries.

What Are the Symptoms of a Torn Ligament in Your Knee?

The severity of knee sprain symptoms that you’ll experience when you tear a ligament, will depend on how severe the sprain was. The severity of the sprain can either be categorised as a grade 1 minor injury, grade 2 moderate injury, or a grade 3 severe injury. Generally, each grade shares the same knee sprain symptoms, but the extent to which the symptoms are present increases. The main symptoms, include:

  • Pain that goes from dull to severe and sharp, depending on the injury severity.
  • Weakness in the knee.
  • Difficultly bearing weight and moving the knee.
  • The knee may buckle under any weight.
  • Minor swelling to serious swelling.
  • Bruising (especially in the case of a sprain in the ACL).

Could Private Treatment Aid with The Torn Ligament in Knee Symptoms?

There are many wonderful private treatments in the UK that can help with the torn ligament in knee symptoms, and many people don’t realise that they could get them for free. A lot of residents in the UK are eligible to claim for free private treatment to aid in reducing the recovery time for torn ligament in knee injuries. You can learn more about the helpful treatments and whether you qualify, by giving our friendly team a call today.

Could I Get More Than One Free Medical Treatment?

By calling our team, you may find out that you are eligible to claim for more than one of the treatments on offer. This could be supplies to help with your recovery, like ice packs to stop swelling, and medical compresses to reduce inflammation, or advanced treatments and services. The vast range of services available in the UK are different from place to place, so it is worth enquiring which treatments are close to your home.

What Is the Recovery Time for Ligament Damage in the Knee?

The question, how long does it take for ligaments to heal in the knee? Has multiple answers, depending mainly on how severe the sprain is. The recovery time for torn ligament in knee injuries ranges from a few weeks to 4 months, in most cases. It is possible to make the recovery smooth, and potentially faster, with physiotherapy.

Could Knee Ligament Injury Treatment Exercises During Physiotherapy Help?

Physiotherapy can help with all manner of injuries where motion, flexibility, or strength is lost, including help during the recovery time for torn ligament in knee injuries. Throughout the UK, these treatments can also be claimed for completely free by eligible residents. Contact us today to check if you are eligible to receive free physiotherapy.

Give Us a Call Today to Discuss Eligibility for Free Private Treatment

If you would like to discuss your eligibility for free private torn ligament in knee treatment in the UK, both for advanced and simple treatments, all it takes is a 30 second call to our friendly team. We can talk you through the whole process, from which treatments are likely to be available, to how to know if you qualify, and how to claim. For more information about the whole process, call Medical Expert today on 020 3870 4868, our friendly team will be on hand to answer all your questions.