Recovery Time for Torn Ligaments in Ankle Guide

If you have sprained your ankle, and the pain hasn’t faded quickly, then you may have sustained a serious sprain, like a grade 3 ankle sprain. In many ways, the symptoms and experience of a severe ankle sprain are similar to that of an ankle fracture. Both are very painful and take time to recover from to ensure a healthy level of motion is returned to the ankle. In our guide, we look at the recovery time for torn ligaments in ankle injuries, along with treatment and the common symptoms.

What Are the Most Common Torn Ankle Ligament Symptoms?

If you’re wondering, what does a torn ligament in ankle feel like? Then the answer that would come to many people’s minds immediately, would be painful. Tearing a ligament is an extremely painful experience. Generally, the answer to, can you walk with torn ankle ligaments? Is no, as the pain is very severe and the main symptoms limit mobility. However, there are different types of severities of torn ligament, which could mean that walking is a possibility.

Some of the most common torn ankle ligament symptoms, include:

  • Weakness and Bruising
  • Tenderness and Swelling
  • Significantly Lowered Mobility
  • Pain and Stiffness

Is There Any Treatment I Could Get for Free to Help?

Private treatment in the UK is not as exclusive as many people think, in fact, you may even be able to receive high-quality treatment for free. Each area of the UK has different treatments available, from simple treatments to advanced medical care.

Getting the right private treatment can help to reduce the recovery time for torn ligaments in ankle injuries, in a safe and comfortable way. To check if you are eligible for free private treatment in the UK, don’t hesitate to give our expert team a call as soon as possible.

How Can Free Private Treatment Help Me?

The treatments available for free can help will all types of serious injury, from torn ligaments in the ankle to fractured legs and broken backs. You could be eligible to get free medical supplies, like ice packs, crutches, and bandages, for your torn ligament injury, as well as access to physiotherapy services and orthopaedic reporting. To get more information about the services in your local area, and whether you could claim for one or more of the treatments, please give us a call today.

How Long Is the Grade 3 Ankle Sprain Recovery Time?

Commonly, you could expect the grade 3 ankle sprain recovery time to be between 4 weeks and 8 weeks, with some variation due to the health of the patient, any other injuries, the severity of the sprain, and whether they followed the treatment guidelines. However, in the case of torn ligament ankle surgery, this could be even longer, as the body will need to undergo a more extensive recovery. There are additional treatments, like physiotherapy, that can help to reduce the recovery time for torn ligaments in ankle injuries.

Is There a Safe Way I Can Accelerate My Healing?

Physiotherapy can help will all different types of injury, including the tearing of ligaments in the ankle. The right treatment can accelerate your recovery, without compromising on the quality of the recovery. You may be able to make a claim for free physiotherapy in your local area. To check if you could be eligible, don’t delay in contacting our friendly team.

For More Information About Free Treatment Call Our Team Today

The diverse range of treatments available for free in the UK, can help to make the recovery time for torn ligaments in ankle injuries less strenuous, and your recovery safer and quicker.

Whether you are eligible to receive medical supplies or even orthopaedic reporting and physiotherapy, the extra support and care can do wonders for your recovery. Give Medical Expert a call today on 020 3870 4868, to learn all about the treatments available close to your home, and whether you could qualify to receive one or more of them for free.