Recovery Time from Sprained Ankle Guide

While a sprained ankle can seem like a painful but generally minor injury, it can still be very limiting in terms of mobility and be difficult to recover from. In fact, the recovery time from sprained ankle injuries that are serious, can be as long as 2 months. With sprained ankle exercises, and the right treatment, such as physiotherapy, this time frame could be reduced. In our guide, you’ll learn about the identification of a sprained ankle, treatment, and the recovery time from sprained ankle injuries.

What Does a Torn Ligament in Ankle Feel Like?

Unlike an ankle fracture, which is where one of the ankle bones is cracked, a sprained ankle means damage to the ligaments in the ankle. Like a fracture, this can also be incredibly painful, but often doesn’t require such substantial treatment as a serious fracture does.
The level of pain, and accompanying symptoms, all depends on the type of sprain sustained. A grade 1 ankle sprain for example, will only have minor symptoms, such as slight swelling and bruising. This is very different to a grade 3 sprain, which is likely to have severe bruising and swelling, along with heightened levels of pain.

How Do I Qualify for Free Private Treatment?

So many people are still unsure what treatment is out there to help with their injury. In many cases, private medical treatments can be obtained without paying anything. Across the UK, different treatments to help with the recovery time from sprained ankle injuries, are available for qualifying residents. To learn about your eligibility for free private care, call us today.

Are There Any Treatments That Can Help with a Sprained Ankle?

Ice packs, crutches, and heat packs, may all be available in your local area for free. These are just some of the many treatments on offer in different areas of the UK. Your location in the UK can determine what is available, with some locations also having access to physiotherapy and orthopaedic reporting. For more information about treatments you could qualify for near to your home, call us today.

Can You Walk on a Sprained Ankle Without Damaging It?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that just because an ankle sprain is common, and that most aren’t too serious, that it is ok to skip out the recovery stage. If you have fractured your ankle, and it is painful to walk on, then it needs time to recover properly before you overexert. Further damage could be done to the ligaments if you aren’t careful during recovery.

What Is the Best Way to Speed Up the Recovery Time from Sprained Ankle?

Physiotherapy can greatly assist in reducing the torn ligament in ankle recovery time, in a safe way that is not going to put the quality of your recovery at risk. The right professionally tailored ankle exercises can help to start building up strength in your ankle and enable you to start working towards regaining a wider range of motion in your ankle. For more information about physiotherapy for ankle sprains, and to find out if you are one of many people in the UK who can qualify for free physiotherapy, give our team a call today.

Learn More About Private Medical Care by Calling Us Today

There are different forms of private medical care in operation all over the UK, a lot of which can be claimed for by eligible UK residents. This could be simple treatments to help you recover at home, or even extensive orthopaedic reporting and professional physiotherapy.

All it takes to find out is a quick call to Medical Expert. In the space of 30 seconds, you could find out that you are eligible to receive one of the treatments available, or possibly multiple treatments. To accelerate the recovery time from sprained ankle injuries in a safe way, and for extra support during your recovery, find out about free care by calling us on 020 3870 4868 today.