Located between the shinbone and thighbone, the meniscus consists of two cartilage pieces, with the purpose to absorb shock. It is not uncommon to sustain a meniscus injury, and it is particularly commonplace in accidents that arise during contact sports. A meniscus injury can be fairly easily to treat, either through nonsurgical or surgical treatments. By reading our guide, you will learn about the common treatments for a meniscus tear, including physiotherapy, and the recovery time on torn meniscus injuries.

What Do You Do for a Torn Meniscus?

Common surgical treatments for torn meniscus injuries include stitching the cartilage back together and trimming away the damaged cartilage. Where surgery is not required, there are options for how to heal a torn meniscus naturally, especially in instances where the injury was only minor. The common treatments, include:

  • Meniscus tear brace
  • Resting and not undertaking any strenuous activity
  • Medical compressions to stop swelling
  • Keeping the leg raised
  • Meniscus tear exercises
  • Using ice packs regularly

Could Private Treatment Help Me with My Torn Meniscus?

If you have torn your meniscus, like many other people in the UK, you could be eligible to gain access to private medical treatment for free. An extensive range of treatments are available to help reduce the recovery time on torn meniscus injuries in a safe, healthy way. To see if you could be eligible to make a claim for free private torn meniscus treatment, give our team a call today. It only takes 30 seconds to enquire, but the assistance can help throughout your recovery time.

Which Helpful Treatments Could I Qualify For?

Each part of the UK has different treatments available for qualifying residents. This could be simple treatment, like crutches, bandages, and ice packs, or advanced treatment, like the creation of a full orthopaedic report and extensive high-quality physiotherapy sessions. For all the information you need about the professional treatments available near you, please contact us today.

What is the Recovery Time on Torn Meniscus?

Meniscus tear recovery time without surgery can, in some cases, take longer than when surgery is required. Commonly, it can take around 4 weeks to recover from meniscectomy surgery, although this isn’t the same for every person. In cases where surgery isn’t undertaken, the recovery time on torn meniscus injuries can be around 3 months. There are a number of factors, like additional support through physiotherapy, that can help to speed up the torn meniscus recovery time. For athletes, physiotherapy can be especially beneficial.

Is There a Way to Safely Make My Recovery Faster?

If you are hoping to speed up the meniscus tear surgery recovery time to get back to work quicker, then physiotherapy could be one of your best options. The right physiotherapy treatment will strengthen your muscles, give you vital flexibility back, and help to increase your range of motion. You can learn all about reducing recovery time on torn meniscus injuries through physiotherapy, and whether you’re eligible, by giving our helpful team a call.

Give Us a Call Today to See If You Are Eligible for Free Private Care

A lot of people are still unsure whether they could qualify for private treatment in the event of a torn meniscus injury. Not only could you qualify for treatment, but you could qualify for multiple treatments in your local area. From medical supplies to physiotherapy, there are a lot of highly beneficial treatments available to make the recovery time on torn meniscus injuries safer and healthier for your body.

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