Plaster Burn Guide

Plaster burn; although not very common plaster burns have the ability to do severe amounts of damage in a short period of time. We may have all at some point used plaster in art classes or even had it as a cast when treating a fracture, but this unassuming material should be handled with the utmost of care.

Plaster can cause severe second and even third degree burns which will definitely require medical assistance. Medical Expert provides access to free private medical care for injuries such as burns with plaster of paris.

What are plaster burns?

Plaster of Paris or plaster consists of calcium sulphate hemihydrate, which dries after mixed with water. Plaster is generally used as a decorative layer for walls and buildings, however due to its characteristics, such as no shrinkage or cracks, plaster is used in medical industry for casts that help immobilise broken bones.

The plaster when mixed with hot water or regular water causes an exothermic reaction and releases high heat can cause burns on the skin surface. The severity of the burns depends on the duration of exposure and the water temperature used for mixing with the plaster.

How do Plaster Burns Occur?

Plaster of paris is mainly used within the building industry for decorative finishes as well as to add fire resistance but it is also used as a cast to immobilise broken bones. Because of its quick setting properties it is also used in sculpture and crafts to make moulds or help add stability to sculptures.

As plaster of paris generates heat when drying, handling of this material can cause burns, typically on the hands. This may occur if there is prolonged exposure to the plaster when drying or if the water used to wet the plaster is itself too hot.

Most medical professionals are properly trained and this minimises the chances of plaster burns occurring when used to set broken bones. However, it is still a possibility and should be carefully handled and applied.

Most uses for building and crafts should be done with protective gear to minimise exposure and reduce the risk of plaster burns on the skin.

What Free Private Medical Treatment can You Access for Plaster Burns?

Treating plaster burns can not only be a painful process but can also take a long period of time and cost a lot of money. Medical Expert however, makes it possible for you to access the treatment you need to make a full and speedy recovery.

We specialise in availing private medical services to the public at no charge, depending on whether the area you live in qualifies for free treatment. We provide free access to a wide variety of medical professionals to ensure that your injuries and ailments get the best treatment.

How are Plaster Burns Treated?

Plaster burns can be categorised as alkali burns or chemical burns and have the ability to cause serious damage to the skin tissue in a very short space of time. It is best advised to seek immediate medical attention when such a burn occurs, as cooling down or washing off the affected area may reduce the rate of the chemical reaction and resulting burns, but may not stop it completely.

If you are located far away from the nearest medical facility, it is advised to remove the chemical and rinse off the affected area for a period of 20 minutes at least. Also, any clothing and jewellery which may contain the chemical should be roved as well.

Call us Determine if you Qualify for Plaster Burn Free Treatment

Medical Expert offers a wide range of private medical care and treatments for various types of injuries such as burns with plaster. Eligibility is determined by the area you live in. The process to access the private treatments is quick and simple. Contact our staff with any further queries as we are always happy to make sure you are getting the best treatment at no charge.