Treating A Broken Hip Guide

Treating a broken hip can take a few different forms, and the form you receive will depend on how severe your injury was in the first place. A minor fracture, for example, will be treated very different from a completely shattered joint. We will look here at the various ways of treating a broken hip and will look at the best ways of recovering.

What Is The Main Way Of Treating A Broken Hip?

When it comes to treating a broken hip, there are two main methods, both of which are surgical. The first is called “hip pinning” and refers to the use of surgical pins, screws or plates which are inserted into the hip to hold it together in order to allow the bone to heal. The second method of treating a broken hip is to carry out a hip replacement operation. This could be complete or partial and could use either a metal or a plastic alternative joint. Both are long and complicated operations and lead to a long recovery time.

Is There A Non-Surgical Way Of Treating A Broken Hip?

Although the main ways recommended to treat a broken hip involve surgical intervention, in one or two minor cases or hairline fractures of the hip joint, it is possible that surgery may be avoided. However, the treatment still involves an extended period of bed rest, avoiding putting weight on the joint to avoid the spreading of the fracture paired with physiotherapy to restore movement.

Do I Qualify For A Free Treatment?

Residents from all over the UK can benefit from free treatment for their broken hip on the NHS. Surgery is performed in NHS hospitals, but once this initial course of treatment is complete, it is often possible for some people to benefit from additional free private treatment to help speed recovery and make life easier. Not many people are aware that they are eligible for this form of treatment, however if you call us today we can let you know whether you could benefit.

What Kind Of Private Treatments Am I Eligible For?

Depending on the area of the UK in which you live, there are a variety of different ways of treating a broken hip with free private healthcare options. Our professional healthcare practitioners may be able to offer you medical supplies, from ice packs to compresses, or may even be able to carry out physiotherapy local to you.

How Long Does Treating A Broken Hip Take?

When a patient has received surgery to treat their broken hip, the operation itself will usually take between two and four hours. Following that, there will be a period of recovery in the hospital, during which time the patient will receive assistance with personal care and with basic movement. However, once the patient has returned home, they will still be unable to walk unaided, and will require crutches or a walker for some time. For many patients, this recovery period will be a number of weeks or months, for others it could be as long as a year, and for some patients, especially the elderly, they may never fully return to normal.

Could I Shorten My Recovery Time?

While physiotherapy is not an instant solution to your speedy recovery, it can play a highly beneficial role in restoring greater movement and function to the hip joint and to the affected leg, allowing the patient to move more easily unaided and to get back to a higher quality of life. Call us today to see if you could be eligible to receive free physiotherapy in your area.

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