Treatment for a Broken Ankle Guide

A broken ankle can have a number of symptoms that make the injury very difficult to live with and recover from. Normally the experience of breaking your ankle is painful, but the injured area can also be swollen, bruised, tender, and in very severe cases, possibly deformed. Coping with these symptoms, whilst trying to recover in as safe a way as possible, is incredibly taxing. In our guide, we cover the typical treatment for a broken ankle, rehabilitation, and broken ankle recovery tips.

Will I Need Broken Ankle Surgery to Recover?

Like most cases of a fractured bone, surgery is a possible requirement if the fracture is severe. You may be able to tell if the fracture is severe if the answer to, can you walk on a fractured ankle? Is no. A doctor will also normally perform an x-ray if they believe the ankle is broken so they can ensure that you get the right treatment for a broken ankle. Common treatments, include:

  • Use of a supportive shoe.
  • Broken ankle cast or splint.
  • Crutches
  • Manual manipulation to realign the bones.
  • Surgery to put the bones back in place (sometimes using screws and plates).

Can I Get Private Treatment for My Fractured Ankle Symptoms?

On top of the NHS treatment for a broken ankle, there are also many highly beneficial private medical treatments for broken ankle injuries. A lot of people don’t understand that they could easily find out about eligibility for free private treatment for a broken ankle. All it takes to learn more about free private medical treatment for a broken ankle, is a quick call to our team. In 30 seconds, you could get all the information you need about treatment for a broken ankle through a private specialist in your local area.

Which Treatments Could Help with My Recovery?

Suffering from a broken ankle could mean that you are entitled to receive support in the form of essential medical supplies and equipment. This could include crutches to help you get around, ice packs to stop swelling, or even medical compresses to help with inflammation.
Through private medical support, you could get back on your feet and regain your freedom much quicker. To learn more about treatment for a broken ankle, don’t hesitate to give our professional team a call today.

What Broken Ankle Recovery Tips Do I Need to Know?

During recovery from a broken ankle, your body needs to rest and recuperate, so you can ensure the healthiest recovery possible. There are a number of broken ankle recovery tips that can help to make your recovery safer and more effective, including:

  • Look after any medical aids, like crutches and casts.
  • Only rely on the crutches for the prescribed length of time.
  • Don’t overexert and avoid sports.
  • Move your toes regularly to stop them becoming stiff.
  • Seek physiotherapy help if you need assistance with mobility.

How to Start Walking After a Broken Ankle?

If you’re concerned about how to regain your strength after your broken ankle cast has been removed, then physiotherapy may be able to help. A physiotherapist can help you to get back that vital mobility in your ankle, and work towards regaining a full range of motion. It is surprising to many, but physiotherapy can also be claimed for without cost in many cases. For information about free private physiotherapy near you, don’t delay in giving our team a call today.

Check to See If You Are Eligible for Free Medical Care by Contacting Us Today

Still not sure whether private treatment for a broken ankle could be helpful during your recovery? There are many wonderful treatments available all over the UK, ranging from the simple but helpful provision of medical supplies to ease your symptoms and help with recovery, to comprehensive orthopaedic reporting and high-quality physiotherapy.

The treatments can help you on your way to a safer and healthier recovery, without compromising your health. For more information about these services, and whether you qualify to receive one or more of the treatments, give our team a call today on 020 3870 4868. Let our friendly team at Medical Expert give you the information you need to make your recovery faster and safer.