Treatment for a Broken Finger Guide

If you have ever broken your finger, then you’ll know just how painful and scary the experience can be. Many people don’t realise just how severe the pain is in a broken finger and consider it one of the less serious fractures. A broken finger could mean a break in any of the three phalanx bones in the finger, or in very serious cases, multiple bones. In our guide, you will learn the symptoms of a broken finger, the complications that can arise, and the common treatment for a broken finger.

Is There a Difference Between Broken Finger and Sprained Finger Symptoms?

Being able to identify a broken finger quickly, will ensure that you get the right treatment for a broken finger injury as soon as possible. While most cases of a broken finger are not life-threatening, it is always important to get the needed treatment for a broken finger quickly to avoid problems.

Identifying a broken finger can be quite troublesome, as most minor breaks have very similar symptoms to the common sprained finger symptoms. One way to judge the difference is to ask, can you move your finger? Most sprained fingers can still be moved with ease, while it can be much more difficult to move a broken finger, especially when it is a severe break. It is also important to note the severity of the symptoms; a broken finger will likely be swollen, stiff, numb, bruised, and could be deformed.

Are There Any Private Treatments for a Broken Finger?

Most people aren’t aware that private treatment for a broken finger is also available, on top of the services provided by the NHS. It is also possible to qualify for this treatment for free, with a vast range of services available depending on where in the UK that you live.
The private treatment for a broken finger can help you to recover at a much faster rate than normal. To discover more about eligibility for free private treatment for a broken finger, give our friendly team a call today.

What Kind of Treatment Is Available for Free?

You could receive both simple and advanced private treatment for a broken finger for free. Simple treatments include the provision of medical supplies, like ice packs and medical compresses. Advanced treatment for a broken finger can come in the form of orthopaedic services, to help you get the right treatment for your fractured finger. Each area of the UK has different treatments available, so it is worth contacting our team to see which treatments you could be eligible for in your local area.

Could Physiotherapy Treatment for a Broken Finger Help?

One of the advanced forms of free private treatment for a broken finger that could be available in your local area is physiotherapy. Specialist hand therapy can help you to regain function, motion, and flexibility in your hand after a broken finger injury, as well as helping to decrease the recovery time. You can contact us today to learn more about physiotherapy treatment for a broken finger in your local area.

What Happens to a Broken Finger Left Untreated?

Whether you have a broken finger tip or a broken pinky finger, the healing time normally ranges from around 3 weeks to a couple of months. If a broken finger is left untreated, this can be prolonged, or even cause serious complications. Most treatment for a broken finger consists of strapping the injured finger to the finger next to it, to hold the bone in a set position. If the finger is not treated in this way, or the other common ways, such as a finger cast, you may lose function in your finger, or cause significant deformity.

Call Us Today to See If You Qualify for Free Private Medical Treatment

Far too many people miss out on private treatment for a broken finger, and other fracture injuries, because they are simply unsure whether they can claim for them or not. There are so many beneficial treatments that you could qualify for in the UK, that there is no reason to go without the extra care you need for a safe and healthy recovery.

From simple treatments to advanced medical services, our team at Medical Expert can give you all the information you need about what’s available in your area. All it takes is a quick 30 second call to a member of our team on 020 3870 4868, to find out if you qualify for one or more of the beneficial treatments available near you.