Treatment for a Broken Hand Guide

A broken hand can commonly be the result of falling onto a hand awkwardly, through a vehicle collision, or physical impact. There are a number of hand fracture types, some severe and some relatively minor; as there are many different bones in the hand that could be broken. In most cases, the experience can be very painful, and mean that significant changes to a person’s lifestyle have to be made to cater to the restricted use of one hand. Through our guide to the treatment for a broken hand, you will learn about the common recovery time, standard treatment for a broken hand, and the main symptoms.

How to Tell If Your Hand Is Broken or Sprained?

The first stage of recovery after any injury is to identify what exactly the injury is. In instances of a broken hand, this can be rather difficult, as the minor fractures can easily be mixed up with the symptoms of a sprained hand. This can be especially the case if you believe you have broken one of the 3 phalanges in your finger, or the 2 phalanges in your thumb. Some of the main symptoms that you are likely to experience in the case of a broken hand, include:

  • Pain that shows no sign of decreasing after a few days (one of the main ways to tell the difference between a sprain and a fracture).
  • Swelling and bruising.
  • Tenderness and stiffness.
  • Trouble gripping or increased pain when moving the hand.
  • Numbness around the injured area.
  • In the case of a serious fracture; deformity, bleeding, and cuts.

Could I Get Additional Treatment to Help with the Fractured Hand Symptoms?

Did you know that private medical treatment can be claimed for without cost? There are people all over the UK that can claim for free medical treatment in a private setting. The treatments available differ throughout the UK, but many UK nationals are eligible to receive one or more forms of treatment for a broken hand. You can learn about your eligibility to receive private medical help with the different hand fracture types, by calling our team.

What Good Private Treatments Are Available in My Local Area?

The types of treatment for a broken hand that can be claimed for are extremely varied. You could be able to claim for free medical supplies to help with hand fracture treatment at home. These valuable medical supplies could be simple like slings and ice packs, or even highly beneficial medical compresses. For more information about the services in operation in your local area, don’t hesitate in calling our friendly team for a chat.

How Long Is the Hand Fracture Recovery Time?

Many minor fractures in the hand, such as those in the finger, only take around 3 weeks to completely heal. More serious fractures, such as those that require surgery, or substantial treatment for a broken hand, can require much longer than a few weeks to heal. There can be substantial variance between injuries in the hand, and the healing time can reflect this, such as the potential difference between the broken metacarpal healing time, and the healing time for a pinky finger hairline fracture. For very serious injuries, where motion is lost, physiotherapy can help.

Can I Speed up My Recovery in a Safe Way?

Were you aware that you could also claim for free physiotherapy treatment for a broken hand? Most people don’t understand how beneficial physiotherapy is in helping to regain motion, flexibility, and strength after a disabling injury, like suffering from a broken hand. There are private physiotherapy services across the UK that you may be able to claim. You can enquire about free physiotherapy treatment for a broken hand, along with the other treatment options, by getting into contact with us.

Give Us a Call Today for More Information About Free Private Treatment in the UK

Shockingly, there are a lot of people who don’t claim free treatment for a broken hand, simply because they don’t know that private treatments can be accessed for free in the UK. The treatment could be the provision of basic but essential medical supplies. In some cases, it could even be full access to a physiotherapist, or even orthopaedic reporting services.

You can discover which treatments you could be eligible for by ringing Medical Expert today on 020 3870 4868. The highly beneficial treatment for a broken hand could mean that your recovery is not only faster, but also safer.