Treatment for a Broken Hip Guide

A fractured hip is an injury that should never be taken lightly, with a healthy recovery often dependent on seeking medical attention quickly after the injury was sustained. Breaking your hip can be painful, disabling, and potentially life-threatening; the broken hip elderly mortality rate is generally higher, as recovery and surgery can be vey taxing on the body. While not all hip injuries are serious, or life-threatening, it is important that you focus on a healthy rehabilitation and follow the instructed treatment for a broken hip. We cover the common treatment for a broken hip, hip fracture classification, and dangers of a broken hip, in our guide.

What Is Hip Fracture Classification?

Hip fracture classification generally means the type of hip fracture, with three of the typical hip fracture types being; intracapsular, subtrochanteric, and intertrochanteric. These refer to the area of the hip that has been fractured, with the fracture then possibly being minor or severe. Serious fractures will mean the question, can you still walk with a broken hip? Is likely to be no. Minor fractures can generally be recovered from much quicker, but it still may take up to a year for strength to return completely.

Is There Any Hip Fracture Treatment Without Surgery?

Free private treatment is available throughout the UK to qualifying residents. Most people are unaware that such high-quality services can be claimed for completely free of charge. The types of treatment available are different all over the UK, with both advanced and simple treatments on offer. To enquire about becoming eligible for free treatment for a broken hip through a specialist private expert, please call us today.

Which Private Treatments Could I Be Eligible to Receive?

Medical compresses, crutches, bandages, and ice packs, could be claimed in your local area to help with treatment for a broken hip. These can not only help to make your recovery safer but provide invaluable relief from the symptoms of a fractured hip injury. To learn more about free private treatment for a broken hip, don’t hesitate in giving us a call today.

Are There Any Problems with a Hip Fracture in Elderly Patients?

The common question, why is a hip fracture so dangerous? Has multiple answers, mostly surrounding the strenuous recovery after a broken hip, the risk of extensive surgery, and the possibility of permanent lowered mobility. While a healthy adult can normally make a full recovery from a broken hip with the right treatment for a broken hip, for elderly patients the strain can be much harder to deal with. Existing problems, like osteoporosis, can also mean that fractures are more frequent, putting the body under even more strain. There is also the risk of complications during treatment for a broken hip, such as; blood clots, infections, and lowered muscle mass.

Is There a Way to Make Hip Fracture Recovery Quicker and Safer?

If you’re recovering from a broken hip, then physiotherapy can be incredibly helpful. Expert physiotherapy services can aid in rehabilitation by encouraging you to use your hip again in the right way, regaining strength, flexibility, a wide range of motion, and self-assurance that recovery is possible.

Were you aware that some physiotherapy treatment for a broken hip could also be available for free? Want to find out more? Please give our team a call today, so we can give you the information you need about eligibility for free physiotherapy treatment for your broken hip.

Check to See If You Qualify for Free Private Treatment by Contacting Our Team Today

If you have broken your hip, then like a lot of people in the UK, you could be eligible for free medical treatment for a broken hip. The treatment with a private specialist can help to accelerate your recovery time in a way that is safe for you. From medical supply provision to physiotherapy courses, there are plenty of options available for free treatment for a broken hip, and you may qualify for more than one in your local area.

To enquire about treatment for a broken hip near you, and whether you can receive the treatment for free, don’t hesitate to call us at Medical Expert today. A call to us at 020 3870 4868 only takes a few moments and will provide a wealth of knowledge about eligibility for free private medical care near you.