Treatment for a Broken Pelvis Guide

Fracturing your pelvis can be a very shocking experience, as the fracture is not very common. The injury can range from low-injury fractures, which can be considered quite minor, to high-energy fractures, which could potentially be life-threatening. Minor falls, or similar injuries, can cause minor stable fractures, while impact trauma injuries, like vehicle accidents, can cause major unstable fractures, where surgical intervention is likely. Our guide looks at the healing process of a broken pelvis, and the common treatment for a broken pelvis.

Can a Fractured Pelvis Heal by Itself?

In some cases, a fractured pelvis can heal by itself, with only minor treatment for a broken pelvis required. This can be the case when the signs point to hairline pelvic fracture symptoms, which are normally not very serious, despite likely being quite painful. Pelvic fracture treatment can be bed rest, and time spent recovering. The alternative in most cases is surgery to repair the fracture and remove any bone fragments, this could involve substantial work to make sure the bones are in the correct place. If the injury is serious, leaving a fractured pelvis to heal without treatment could be life-threatening and cause permanent deformity.

Are There Any Treatments I Could Qualify for in the UK?

Seeking the right treatment for a broken pelvis injury is very important, especially in the case of a fractured pelvis in elderly patients. It is not well known, but a lot of UK residents are eligible to claim for free private treatment for a broken pelvis, on top of the beneficial fractured pelvis NHS treatment.

Depending on whereabouts in the UK that you live, you could be able to claim for one, or a large selection, of private treatment for a broken pelvis. To check to see if you are eligible, give our friendly team a call today for a discussion about your pelvis injury.

What Free Private Treatments Can Help with a Broken Pelvis?

There are multiple options for treatment for a broken pelvis through private medical care. To help during your fractured pelvis recovery, you may be able to receive a full orthopaedic report, essential medical supplies, or physiotherapy treatment. The high-quality treatments can really help you to focus on a healthy, safe, and fast recovery. Get more information about treatments near you, by contacting us as soon as possible.

Can You Walk with a Broken Pelvis?

The question, what does a broken pelvis feel like? Can go some way to determining whether you will be able to walk with a fractured pelvis. If the symptoms and pain are not too severe, and the break only minor, you may still be able to walk. Significant pain or serious fractures, could mean that you are completely immobilised. Recovery time for minor pelvis fracture is normally around a month, while serious fractures can take multiple months to heal.

What Treatment Can Help Me Start Walking After a Pelvic Fracture?

To help you get your strength back, and start working towards regaining motion and mobility, physiotherapy can be of great help during the recovery stages of a fractured pelvis. You may be able to claim some physiotherapy sessions with a local private physiotherapist for free. For more information about free physiotherapy, and other options for treatment for a broken pelvis, please contact us.

Call Us Today for More Information About Free Private Medical Care Services

Struggling to cope with the symptoms of a broken pelvis, and need additional support during your recovery? The highly beneficial private treatment for a broken pelvis that is available in the UK, may be able to provide invaluable aid during your recovery and rehabilitation. You may be able to qualify for one of the treatments available, or even multiple treatments in your local area.

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