Treatment For A Broken Shoulder Guide

The shoulder has three bones and three joints, with a broken shoulder possibly affecting one or more of these. Damaging either the bones; the scapula, humerus, and clavicle, or the joints; the glenohumeral, sternoclavicular, and acromioclavicular, can be very painful. Physiotherapy is commonly required after a shoulder fracture, to help regain flexibility, a full range of motion, and make the recovery safer and faster. Our guide looks at the common broken shoulder symptoms, recovery time, and treatment for a broken shoulder.

What Are the Most Common Broken Shoulder Symptoms?

With the extensive number of ways that you can injure the shoulder, and the large number of fracture types, it can be difficult to pinpoint just what has broken in your shoulder without an x-ray or medical examination. This is not so much the case in the event of serious injuries, where the heightened pain, and potential visual deformity, can indicate where the fracture is. As well as deformity and potential bleeding, in serious cases, these are the common broken shoulder symptoms:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Severe Pain (including when breathing or moving your shoulders and arm)
  • Limited Movement or Trouble Moving

Is There Anything Other Than Broken Shoulder NHS Treatment Available?

A broken shoulder can be a very serious injury, especially with a broken shoulder in elderly people. To help you on your way to a healthy, safe, and quick recovery, there are a number of private medical treatments that you may be eligible to receive for free.

More people than you may expect are eligible to receive private treatment for free in the UK, with the claiming process quick and simple. To give you a better understanding of qualification for private treatment for a broken shoulder, our team are always on hand to answer your questions.

What Free Treatments Can Help with a Broken Shoulder Injury?

From help and support with a broken shoulder sling, or even assistance with a broken shoulder cast, to full orthopaedic reporting services and incredibly beneficial physiotherapy, there are a lot of diverse treatment options for broken shoulder injuries. Even just being able to claim for one free treatment can help you achieve a faster and safer recovery. For more information about private treatment for a broken shoulder, give one of our friendly team members a call today.

Is the Broken Shoulder Recovery Time in Elderly Patients Different?

The majority of minor shoulder fractures should only take around 6 weeks to heal. However, nobody heals at the same rate, so it may take longer. Commonly younger people heal faster than adults, with elderly people often needing additional time as the body copes with the pressure of the break and the impact of recovery. Serious fractures, and those that require surgery, will also normally take longer to heal; the broken humerus recovery time could extent to up to 12 months for a full recovery.

Can I Speed up the Recovery Time for My Broken Shoulder Safely?

One of the best ways to speed up recovery after a disabling injury like a broken shoulder, is to undergo a course of physiotherapy with a physiotherapist local to you. Physiotherapy can help with all manner of injuries, giving patients the ability to work towards achieving a full range of motion in a safe and comfortable environment. From help figuring out how to sleep with a broken shoulder, to support during recovery, physiotherapy can provide invaluable assistance. To see if you could claim for physiotherapy for free, give us a call today.

Give Us a Call Today to Discover More About Free Broken Shoulder Treatment

A lot of people still don’t realise that they could be eligible to receive treatment for a broken shoulder for free. All across the UK there are great treatments for broken shoulder injuries, from expert physiotherapist care to full orthopaedic reporting. You can discover more about your eligibility to receive free medical care, and which treatments are available, by calling Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868. Let us help you with a faster and safer recovery by giving us a call today.