Treatment for a Broken Thumb Guide

There are two phalanx bones that make up the thumb, along with the metacarpal. Injuring any of the bones in the thumb can cause very serious problems. Distal phalanx fracture thumb injuries and thumb metacarpal fracture injuries can be incredibly painful, rendering you unable to work for a long period of time. Due to this, the right treatment for a broken thumb needs to be performed as soon as possible after the break. Our guide covers everything you need to know about healing time and treatment for a broken thumb.

Will I Have a Broken Thumb Cast or Splint?

Commonly, most treatment for a broken thumb involves the use of either a broken thumb cast or splint. This is a standard broken thumb NHS treatment for minor and some major fractures. The cast or splint is designed to immobilise the thumb during recovery, making sure that the bone is held in place and cannot shift positions.

If the fracture is very serious, such as where one or multiple bones have shattered, it is possible that the treatment for a broken thumb could include surgery to repair the area and remove any bone fragments. X-rays are also often performed to get a clear picture of the break and help to separate broken thumb symptoms from sprained thumb symptoms.

Could I Get Private Treatment for a Broken or Bruised Thumb?

Alongside the broken thumb NHS treatment available, you could also become eligible to receive private treatment for a broken thumb, for free. There are multiple types of treatment for a broken thumb available all over the UK in a private setting with specialists.

Most people don’t expect to be eligible to receive the private treatment for free, but in fact, a large percentage of UK residents can qualify for the additional private care. For more information about eligibility for private medical care, contact our friendly team today.

What Beneficial Treatments Could I Get Access To?

The treatment for a broken thumb ranges from simple treatment and medical supplies, like splints and ice packs, and extends all the way to advanced treatments, like physiotherapy and orthopaedic reporting services. It only takes 30 seconds to give our team a call and find out what treatment for a broken thumb is available near you for free.

How Long Is the Healing Time for a Hairline Fracture Thumb Injury?

A hairline fracture thumb injury is one of the most minor types of broken thumb, and often doesn’t take as long to heal as more serious fractures do. The healing time of a broken thumb ranges from between 3 weeks, and 2 months, depending on the severity of the fracture, how quickly treatment was sought, and the health of the patient.

Is There Any Additional Help I Could Receive for Free to Reduce the Recovery Time?

The right rehabilitation treatment is essential in many instances of a broken thumb, reducing the recovery time without compromising the quality of the recovery. Physiotherapy is one of the top forms of rehabilitation. It can be especially helpful in regaining a wide range of motion in the thumb after a fracture. You can learn more about free physiotherapy treatment for a broken thumb, by giving our expert team a call today.

Get More Information About Private Broken Thumb Treatment by Contacting Us Today

Lots of people don’t realise that they could gain access to free private treatment for a broken thumb, with just one phone call. This highly beneficial free treatment could be the ability to claim for medical supplies to help with recovery, like slings, medical compresses, and ice packs. It could even be advanced treatment for a safe and quick recovery, like physiotherapy services or orthopaedic reporting.

A call to Medical expert today on 020 3870 4868, will give you all the information you require to see which treatments are in your local area, and whether you could qualify to receive the treatment for your broken thumb. It only takes 30 seconds, so don’t hesitate in calling our friendly team today!