Treatment for a Broken Toe guide

Breaking your toe may not seem like the most severe of injuries, but it is nonetheless a painful and disabling fracture injury, which could come with potential complications if the break is severe or the right treatment for a broken toe is not sought quickly. A fractured toe could leave you unable to walk, or even complete day to day tasks for up to 6 weeks as the injury heals. In our guide, we cover the common symptoms of a broken toe, along with the treatment for a broken toe from the NHS and private specialists.

Sprained Big Toe vs. Broken Big Toe Symptoms

If you’re wondering, should I go to hospital for a broken toe, or what does a broken pinky toe look like? Then the first point of call for many is to examine the symptoms. A broken toe can look and feel very similar to a sprained toe, in cases where the break is not too severe. This can make diagnosing the broken toe quite difficult without an x-ray of the injury. While difficult, it is also important, as the right treatment for a broken toe is essential for a speedy and safe recovery. The common symptoms that you should expect to see in the case of most toe fractures, include:

  • Tenderness
  • Swelling around the injured toe
  • Trouble walking or bearing weight
  • Redness
  • Bruising around the toe
  • High levels of pain

What Can a Doctor Do for a Broken Toe?

In most cases where treatment for a broken toe is required, the treatment is not too extensive. The doctor may start by performing an x-ray of the area. This will answer the question, is my big toe broken? Often the main treatment is to tape the toe to the nearest toe, so it can heal naturally. Pain medication may also be provided, and rest and relaxation advised.

Is There Any Free Private Treatment for a Broken Toe?

Contrary to what many people believe, it is possible to get private treatment for a broken toe in the United Kingdom. Residents all over the UK could be eligible to receive high-quality private medical care for their broken toe without even realising it.

Depending on where you live in the UK, you could get access to simple or advanced private treatments for free. To get more information about eligibility for free private care, contact us as soon as possible.

What Treatment for a Broken Toe Could I Qualify to Receive?

The private treatment for a broken toe could be the provision of professional medical supplies, like crutches and ice packs to help with your speedy recovery, or even assistance with treatment, like help with how to tape a broken toe. Some people are also eligible for physiotherapy and orthopaedic report services, all for free. You can give our friendly team a call today to find out which treatments for a broken toe joint are available in your area.

Is Physiotherapy a Possible Treatment for My Broken Toe?

Physiotherapy is one of the top forms of rehabilitation treatment for a broken toe or any other broken bone that hinders mobility. In the case of treatment for a broken toe, a physiotherapist can help you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible, with tailored exercises to help you get mobility and flexibility back. Millions of people in the UK could be eligible for physiotherapy treatment to treat their broken toe. To find out if you qualify for private physiotherapy treatment for a broken toe, contact us today.

Give Us a Call Today to Find out If You Are Eligible for Free Private Treatment

Many people are still unsure whether they qualify to receive free treatment for a broken toe injury, through private medical care. There are millions of people in the UK that could be eligible to claim for simple and advanced treatment for a broken toe in their local area, without even realising it. If you want to learn more about qualifying for free private treatment, then the process is very simple.

All it takes is a quick 30 second phone call to one of our team members at Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868. A friendly professional will be waiting to inform you of everything that you need to know about free medical treatment eligibility. Get back to focusing on your recovery and let us take care of the rest!