Treatment for a Broken Wrist Guide

Commonly, a broken wrist refers to either a break in the forearm bones; the ulna or radius, such as a wrist distal radius fracture, or breaking one of the eight carpal bones, which are very small. Breaks can be minor, such as with the hairline fractured wrist symptoms, or major, like in the case of an open fracture. Our guide looks at the main fracture symptoms, treatment for a broken wrist, and tips for recovery.

How to Tell If Wrist Is Broken or Sprained?

Without an x-ray, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if a wrist is broken or just sprained. Where the injury is serious, such as when the bone has penetrated the skin or there is obvious deformity, it can be much easier to tell the difference between a sprained wrist and a broken wrist. As it is essential to get the right treatment for a broken wrist, sooner rather than later, it is important to be able to identify your symptoms. These are the main symptoms that accompany a broken wrist:

  • Bruising and tenderness.
  • Numbness and swelling.
  • Trouble moving the wrist.
  • Severe pain that does not fade after a few days.
  • Bleeding or deformity in severe cases.
  • A snapping sound when the injury occurred.

Is There Private Treatment That I Can Access for Free?

You may not know it, but you could be eligible to get extra support for your injury in the form of free private treatment for a broken wrist. Professional and high-quality private care is available to millions of people in the UK, completely free.

The treatments can assist with multiple wrist fracture types, helping you to recover in a safe way, but as quickly as possible. Please give us a call today to discuss your injury, and whether free private treatment is an option for you.

What Helpful Treatments Are Available?

The treatment that you receive for free could be help with a broken wrist cast, orthopaedic reporting services, medical supplies, like ice packs and slings, or even hand therapy. From the stages of recovery to rehabilitation, there are many options for high-quality treatment for a broken wrist, that you could claim near to your home. You can discover which treatments are in your local area, and how to claim for them, by giving us a call today.

What Are the Most Helpful Broken Wrist Recovery Tips?

After treatment for a broken wrist, it is important to focus on a healthy and safe recovery. Sometimes, physiotherapy may be able to provide invaluable help with this stage, especially if you have lost flexibility or motion in your wrist. Other helpful broken wrist recovery tips, include:

  • Don’t over-tax the wrist – keep it rested.
  • Work on exercising the area when you are ready (or undergo physiotherapy).
  • Watch for any changes in the wrist that could indicate further damage.
  • When possible, raise your arm.
  • Look after any medical supplies and support, like the cast, sling, or splint.

Can I Get Free Private Treatment During Rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy is an essential part of recovery from most fracture injuries that hinder mobility, and you may be able to claim for the treatment for free. Professional hand therapy could assist in returning flexibility back to your wrist, along with as much motion and strength as possible for a healthy recovery. It only takes 30 seconds of your time and a quick call to our team to see if you could be eligible to receive free physiotherapy treatment for a broken wrist, so don’t hesitate to give us a call as soon as you can.

Find out Whether You Are Eligible for Free Private Treatment by Calling Our Team Today

Want to find out more about private medical treatment for a broken wrist? There are so many people in the UK that could be eligible to receive free treatment for a broken wrist, they just don’t know how to check. All it takes to learn about eligibility for one or more of the highly beneficial services, is a call to Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868. Our friendly expert team will give you all the information you require about free treatment for a broken wrist, and eligibility for treatment in your local area.