Treatment for Broken Elbow Guide

A fracture in the elbow can be caused in multiple ways; with high-energy trauma, falling backwards, and sudden impact, being common causes. This can result in substantial mobility problems, stopping the elbow from being able to bend, extend, and allow for palm rotation. Due to this, breaking your elbow can be a very disabling injury, as well as being quite painful. There are different types of treatment for broken elbow injuries available, from surgical options to rest and recuperation. Our guide looks at treatment for broken elbow injuries, rehabilitation, and key facts about fractured elbows.

Can You Break Your Elbow and Still Move It?

Generally, elbow injuries and fractures are quite common, but there is a vast range of severities that can mean a fractured elbow is either a minor but disabling injury, or a very serious injury. Injuries, like an elbow hairline fracture, could mean that you can still move the elbow, but the process will likely be quite painful. More serious injuries may stop you moving the elbow altogether.

Sometimes it is possible to fracture your elbow without even realising it. Common injuries, like accidently hitting your elbow against the wall, could actually cause the elbow to fracture. If you’re wondering, have I chipped my elbow? Then you may have sustained an injury that has caused a piece of cartilage or bone to loosen.

Could I Qualify for Free Private Treatment For a Broken Elbow?

As well as broken elbow NHS treatment, private treatment in the UK can also help you to recover after a broken or chipped elbow. The treatments available are very diverse, and it comes as quite a surprise to many people that some of the treatments can also be claimed for without any cost to the patient.

UK residents can be eligible to receive free private treatment for all manner of injuries, including being able to claim for essential treatment for broken elbow injuries. To gain a better understanding of private medical treatment, and whether you could claim treatment for free, contact our expert team.

Are There Any Helpful Treatments Available for a Broken Elbow?

If you have sustained a broken elbow, then you may be able to claim for a free sling, ice packs, medical compresses, or even advanced treatments like orthopaedic reporting services and professional physiotherapy courses. Each area of the UK has different services available to help with treatment for broken elbow injuries. To enquire about free private treatment in your area, just give our friendly team a quick call today.

How Long Is the Broken Elbow Recovery Time?

Due to the multitude of ways that you can fracture your elbow, there is a lot of variation in the expected broken elbow recovery time. NHS treatment can help you to recover faster, along with some private treatments, like physiotherapy. A fractured elbow in a child is also likely to heal faster than a similar injury in an adult. If the injury sustained was minor, and the right treatment for broken elbow injuries sought quickly, then the recovery time could be around 6 weeks.

Is There Any Way to Recover Faster and Safer?

Physiotherapy is a wonderful form of rehabilitation that can help you to recover at a faster rate after a broken elbow injury, without compromising the quality or success of your recovery. The specialist exercises and therapies can help you to bring back a wide range of motion and flexibility into your elbow movements.

On top of the other private medical treatment for broken elbow injuries that you could claim for free, you may be able to claim for physiotherapy. To discover more about free physiotherapy treatment and the benefits of rehabilitation, call our team for a chat about your injury today.

Learn More About Eligibility for Free Private Treatment by Calling Us Today

There are many different options for treatment for broken elbow injuries around the UK. Finding out whether you are eligible to receive private treatment, both simple and advanced, is very easy and only takes 30 seconds.

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