Treatment for Broken Finger Guide

When you break your finger, it could be that you have broken one of the three bones in your finger, or that the metatarsal bone has cracked. There are many ways that you can sustain a broken finger; from vehicle collisions to falls. The injury can be extremely painful, and in serious cases, take months to fully heal. Our guide to the common treatment for broken finger injuries, covers the type of treatment available, what complications can arise in the case of a finger fracture, and the benefit of rehabilitation.

Can You Move a Broken Finger?

A broken finger can range from a fairly minor injury to a very serious fracture. Where more than one bone has been broken, or a bone has completely shattered, it is unlikely that you will be able to move your finger at all. This can also be the case for open fractures, where the bone has penetrated the skin. Simple fractures however, can be very similar to sprained fingers, and can often still be moved. The symptoms of swelling, bruising, and stiffness, are also very similar to the sprained finger symptoms.

Could I Qualify for Free Private Treatment?

There are residents all around the UK that are eligible to receive free treatment for broken finger injuries. The treatment varies from help with multiple fractures to assistance with broken finger tip injuries. The high-quality options for private treatment for broken finger injuries can help to accelerate the healing time and enable you to regain a full range of motion in your hand. You can get more information about eligibility for free private treatment by calling our team.

What Treatment Is Possible for a Broken Finger?

Suffering from a broken finger could entitle you to receive free medical supplies, like medical compresses, bandages, and ice packs. The treatment varies from place to place in the UK, with eligible residents being able to claim one or more of the vast range of medical treatments for free. To discover which treatments are available at a location near you, don’t delay in contacting out team.

What Are the Complications with a Broken Finger Left Untreated?

Like all fractures, it is very possible for complications to arise if the right treatment for broken finger injuries has not be adhered to, or if the initial break was major, such as in the case of an open or communited fracture. Complications can arise in all finger fractures, including a broken pinky finger. Healing time can then be affected, prolonging the time it takes to recover, and possibly leaving permanent damage or hard to treat problems. Some of the most common complications of broken fingers, include:

  • An infection risk if surgery is required
  • Permanent stiffness in the joints (which could be helped via physiotherapy)
  • Potential deformity if the bone does not heal correctly
  • Unstable healing where the bone fragments do not properly reconnect

Are There Any Other Options for Treatment for a Broken Finger?

After initial medical treatment for broken finger injuries, a lot of people are advised to undergo a course of physiotherapy. With bad fractures, the hand may lose some of its motion and flexibility, which the specialist exercises created by a hand therapist can help you to overcome. In some areas of the UK, specialist physiotherapy treatment for broken finger injuries can be claimed for with no cost to you. To enquire about your eligibility for free physiotherapy, please call us today.

Contact Our Team Today for More Information About Free Private Treatment

Don’t miss out on the free private treatment for broken finger injuries that is available in your area, just because you are unsure if you could be eligible. There are many fantastic treatments available, from essential medical supplies for your ongoing comfort during recovery, to the care you need throughout rehabilitation. Getting the right treatment for broken finger injuries will enable you to get back to work, and start enjoying yourself, much quicker than normal.

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