Treatment for Broken Foot Guide

The foot is a very complicated part of the body, with 26 different bones and 33 different joints. The types of fracture that a person can sustain to their foot can vary significantly, from those that are quick to heal, to those that require extensive rehabilitation for as much flexibility and mobility to be regained as possible. Breaking your foot isn’t always serious, but it is normally a very painful experience that can lower your mobility for a substantial period of time. Our guide covers everything you need to know about the broken foot symptoms, the treatment for broken foot injuries, and the broken foot healing time.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between Broken Foot Symptoms vs Sprain Symptoms?

There are many ways that you can break your foot; from falling from a height to vehicle collisions. The foot is a very common area of the body to sustain a fracture, but not all fractures are the same. It can be very hard to identify a broken foot if the injury is not too severe. An example of this is the stress fracture foot symptoms, which can be very similar to those of a sprain.

Due to this, the question of, can you walk on a broken foot? can cause problems. It is possible to make a break worse, whilst trying to identify whether you have a sprain or fracture. If you have multiple of the common fractured foot symptoms, then you may need to seek medical attention for treatment for a broken foot; these include:

  • Trouble walking or putting any weight on your foot.
  • Tenderness, swelling, and bruising.
  • High levels of pain in the foot.
  • In the case of severe injuries; bleeding or deformity.

What Other Treatment Is Available on Top of Broken Foot NHS Services?

Most people don’t know that they could be eligible for treatment for broken foot injuries through a private specialist. Private medical treatments are available throughout the UK for people who have sustained fractures, such as a broken top of foot, or even a broken neck or back. Lots of people can claim for these treatments for free in their local area. To check whether you could be eligible, give us a call today to discuss your injury.

Could Private Treatment Really Help with My Recovery?

There are lots of treatments that you may qualify for which can help with your broken foot. The treatment could be in the form of medical supplies; like crutches, ice packs, or other equipment to help you recover safely. Each area of the UK has a different selection of treatment for broken foot injuries, so it is worth contacting our team to check what may be available in your local area.

What Is the Broken Foot Healing Time?

The exact broken foot healing time differs from injury to injury. Minor fractures, like a hairline fracture, are unlikely to take much longer than the expected time of 6 to 8 weeks to heal, while serious fractures, like an open fracture, may take significantly longer. If your mobility has be drastically impacted, then physiotherapy may be required to help you recover at a faster rate.

Can Private Treatment Help to Speed up the Broken Foot Healing Time Stages?

A fracture in your foot can greatly hinder your mobility, which is why the help of a physiotherapist can be so beneficial during your rehabilitation. Did you know that physiotherapy is also available for free to some UK residents? A physiotherapist will work with you to help you regain motion, flexibility, and strength after a broken foot injury. Contact us today to learn more about qualifying for free high-quality physiotherapy for your broken foot.

Get More Information About Private Broken Foot Treatment by Calling Us Today

It is still largely unknown that many people can qualify to receive free private treatment for broken foot injuries. If you are having to cope with the painful symptoms of a broken foot, then it is important that you check to see if you could be eligible to receive essential private medical care. With the right treatment, you can help to speed up your recovery in a safe way.

To learn more about the different options for treatment for broken foot injuries, and whether you are eligible, call us at Medical Expert today on 020 3870 4868. A 30 second call is all it takes to get information about the free private treatment available in the UK.