Treatment for Broken Leg Guide

A broken leg is a categorisation of many different fracture types. Breaking your leg could mean that you have broken your kneecap, ankle, tibia bone, fibula bone, or femur bone. Sustaining a fracture to any of the bones can be severe; with the injury limiting mobility and causing significant pain. Key facts about broken leg injuries, recovery time, rehabilitation, and treatment for broken leg injuries, are all covered in our guide.

Can You Walk on a Broken Leg?

There is a lot of discrepancy between the different types of broken leg, meaning that you may be able to walk in some instances of a broken leg, and not in others. The most severe of fractures will completely immobilise you, either through inability to walk or through extensive pain; whilst minor injuries may not be that disabling at the start. Where the bone has shattered, or penetrated the skin, broken leg surgery may be required to repair the damage to your leg and help the area to recover healthily.

Could I Get Private Medical Treatments to Help with the Broken Leg Symptoms?

Through private medical care, you could gain access to a vast range of different high-quality treatments in the UK. A lot of people are even eligible to claim for these treatments without having to pay anything. The additional help towards a fast and safe recovery can be invaluable. Please call us today to find out if you could be eligible to receive free private treatment for broken leg injuries.

Which Private Treatments Could Help with My Recovery?

Treatments range from help with a broken leg cast and essential medical supplies, like ice packs and heat packs, to advanced treatment such as full orthopaedic reports. You might be able to claim for one or more of the professional treatment for broken leg injuries, depending on your location within the UK. To make an enquiry as to what treatments are close to you, call us today.

How Long Is the Leg Fracture Recovery Time?

If you have suffered from a minor fracture, then you may make a full recovery in around 6 to 8 weeks. If your injury was severe, and you have had to undergo broken tibia and fibula recovery with surgery treatments, then it can take up to around 6 months to make a recovery.

There is a bit of variation from person to person, depending on how bad the injury was, how healthy the patient is, and whether the treatment for broken leg injuries was adhered to. Physiotherapy and other treatments to improve mobility and function, can be of particular help in accelerating the recovery time.

Are There Any Broken Leg Recovery Exercises to Speed up My Recovery?

Did you know that a quick 30 second call to our team could mean that you get access to a trained physiotherapist? Physiotherapy is available for free to many people in the UK and is one of the best forms of rehabilitation after a broken leg. Tailored broken leg recovery exercises, designed by a physiotherapist, can really help to accelerate your recovery by returning function, flexibility, and a wide range of motion to the leg. To learn more, give us a call as soon as possible.

Give Us a Call Today to Discover More About Free Private Treatments

Learning about eligibility for private treatment for broken leg injuries is a quick and easy process. All you need to do is make a call to Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868. The call takes less than 30 seconds, but is packed full of information about free private medical care around the UK and in your local area. From orthopaedic reporting and physiotherapy to essential medical supplies, a call to us today will ensure that you get the treatment you are entitled to.