Treatment for Broken Little Toe Guide

Breaking your little toe can seem like an insignificant injury, with questions like, should I go to hospital for a broken toe? very common. While a broken little toe may seem like nothing serious, any fractured bone can cause ongoing problems without the right treatment. Even the broken pinky toe healing time can mean that you have to miss work or avoid your favourite hobbies, so a quick and safe recovery is essential. Our guide explores the common treatment for broken little toe injuries, the healing time, and rehabilitation options, like physiotherapy.

What Can a Doctor as Treatment for a Broken Little Toe?

There are multiple options for treatment for broken little toe injuries, but first it is important to identify whether or not your toe is actually broken. Just like with a sprained big toe vs. broken big toe, the symptoms of a broken little toe can be very easy to mistake with a sprained toe or even a stubbed pinky toe. The following symptoms can identify most cases of a broken little toe:

  • Pain that does not lessen after a couple of days.
  • Redness and bruising.
  • Swelling and tenderness.
  • Trouble putting weight on the toe or walking.

Once the doctor is sure that your little toe is broken, they may suggest common treatments for a broken little toe; like a cast, strapping, or a splint. This will keep the toe immobile and in the right position during healing.

Is There Any Other Option for Treatment?

If you have broken your little toe, then you may also be eligible to receive private care in the UK for free. Many people don’t realise that private medical treatment for broken little toe injuries is also an option. The treatment available can help to reduce the healing time of most little toe breaks, from a broken 4th toe, to a broken pinky toe. To discover whether you could be eligible to receive free medical treatment for broken little toe injuries, give our friendly team a call today.

How Can Private Treatment Help with My Broken Little Toe Injury?

You may be able to receive one or more treatments for your broken little toe. These could come in the form of medical equipment, like crutches or ice packs, or be more advanced. Advanced treatment could mean orthopaedic reporting services, or professional physiotherapy for a healthy recovery.

The treatments differ from place to place in the UK, so it is worth giving us a call today to learn which treatments are close to your home, and whether you could qualify to receive one or more of them.

Can You Move a Broken Toe During Recovery?

While a broken toe can seem like a small fracture, the quality of recovery is still important. While it may be possible to move the toe during recovery, it is normally advised to keep it immobile until the bone has healed in the right way. Normally it takes around 4 to 6 weeks for a broken toe to heal, with the right treatment for broken little toe injuries. Afterwards, physiotherapy may be required if the injury was severe.

Could I Get Private Treatment to Help with Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation can be very important after suffering from a broken little toe; especially if it was a severe break and you are having trouble with mobility. A professional physiotherapist can help you to plan tailored exercises to regain strength and mobility going forwards.
You may even be able to claim for free physiotherapy treatment for broken little toe injuries near to your home. To learn more about the ability to claim for free physiotherapy, give us a call today.

Contact Us Today for More Information About Private Treatment at No Cost

If you’re wondering whether you could be eligible for free private medical care for your broken little toe, then get into contact with us today. From essential medical supplies to full orthopaedic reporting services and physiotherapy courses for rehabilitation, there are an exceptional number of highly beneficial options for treatment for broken little toe injuries.

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