Treatment for Broken Nose Guide

Suffering from broken nose cartilage or breaking any of the bones in the two nasal bones, is an extremely painful experience. A broken nose in a child or adult is not uncommon but can be extremely uncomfortable during recovery, even in the case of a minor broken nose injury. In our guide to the treatment for broken nose injuries, we cover the common symptoms of a broken nose, how to fix a broken nose, and the healing time.

What Are the Main Fractured Nose Symptoms?

There are many symptoms that accompany a broken nose as well as the initial and ongoing pain. While in cases of severe breaks to the nose, the injury can be very identifiable, it is easy to mistake minor broken nose injuries for bruising or other damage. Some of the common fractured nose symptoms that you should be aware of, include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Deformity
  • Trouble Breathing Through the Nose
  • A Crunching Sound (when the nose was injured and afterwards when touching the nose)

Are There Any Private Broken Nose Treatment Options?

In severe cases, treatment for broken nose injuries may involve manipulation, where the nose is realigned, or surgery to repair the nose. However, there is also additional treatment for broken nose injuries available through private specialists in the UK.

Most people don’t think that they could be eligible to receive free treatment on top of what the NHS offers, where in fact, many people can claim for further treatment for free. You can get more information about eligibility for free private care by calling us today.

Which Helpful Treatments Could I Receive?

The types of private treatment for broken nose injuries ranges from place to place all over the UK. Many people are able to claim for additional medical supplies to help during their recovery. This could include ice packs to lower the swelling in the nose or supplies to keep the broken nose protected and any additional wounds clean. More information about the specific treatments in your local area can be gained by giving our team a call.

What Is the Broken Nose Healing Time?

Thankfully, the right treatment for broken nose injuries can help the injury to heal in the space of around 3 weeks. By resting, not damaging the area further, and taking care of the injury, a broken nose should be able to heal naturally. In the case of severe injuries however, and especially in cases where surgery is required, the recovery time can be much longer.

Is There a Safe Way That I Could Speed up the Broken Nose Healing Time?

Did you know that there is advanced treatment for broken nose injuries also available in the UK for free? The additional support of a physiotherapist or orthopaedic can greatly aid in decreasing the broken nose healing time in a safe way. Residents all over the UK could be eligible to receive the help of trained physiotherapists and orthopaedics for free. To learn more about eligibility for advanced medical care in your local area, and specialist treatment for broken nose injuries, contact our team today.

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Private medical care is available for all types of injuries, including the provision of high-quality treatment for broken nose injuries. Many people are still unsure whether they could receive the treatment for free, which is where our team at Medical Expert comes in.

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