Treatment for Broken Ribs Guide

A broken rib can be both very worrying and very painful. Complications with a broken rib, or really serious rib fractures, can lead to punctured lungs, lacerated kidneys, or even a punctured aorta. Due to the potential severity of the injury, getting the right treatment for broken ribs is of the upmost importance. In many cases, a break in any of the 24 ribs will not be serious, but it is always better to be sure with such a vital structure of your body. In our guide, you will learn about identifying a broken rib, the treatments available, and physiotherapy treatment for broken ribs.

How Do I Know If I Have a Broken Rib?

The first step to recovery is identifying whether your rib is broken, bruised, or otherwise damaged. It is possible to have cracked rib symptoms with no bruising, which can make it difficult to determine whether your rib is broken or injured in another way. Most cases of a bruised rib are treated in a similar way to the treatment for broken ribs, as the symptoms are somewhat similar. Common symptoms of a broken rib, include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Pain in the chest
  • Pain that gets worse when you breathe in
  • Heightened pain when you turn or bend
  •  A cracking sound or feeling

What Do Doctors Do for Broken Ribs?

The exact treatment for broken ribs offered by your doctor depends on how badly your rib has fractured. Severe cases, such as where the rib has shattered, or where your organs are at risk, could require surgical intervention to repair the area and remove the bone fragments. In a large percentage of broken rib injuries, the treatment for broken ribs is a lot less severe. Commonly, broken ribs can be left to heal naturally, over the course of 3 to 6 weeks, with only minor medical treatment to treat symptoms of the injury.

Is There Any Other Treatment Available near Me?

Whether you have a bruised rib, or a broken rib in your back or front, private medical treatment may be able to provide invaluable help during your recovery. There is an extensive list of private medical treatments available in the UK, which many people are still unaware that they could qualify to receive for free. Want to learn more about qualifying for high-quality private medical care? Give us a call today!

What Treatments Could I Be Eligible For?

If you are suffering from a broken rib, and need additional treatment for broken ribs, then you could be eligible to get simple or advanced medical care for free. This could be in the form of essential medical supplies, like crutches, compresses, or ice packs. It could even involve having a complete orthopaedic report created for you. Each area of the UK offers different services, so you could qualify to receive more than one treatment. To discuss the treatments local to you, contact us today.

How to Heal Broken Ribs Faster and Safer?

There are many important rib fracture treatment guidelines that should be followed to ensure that recovery is safe and successful. Sometimes a helpful part of the rib fracture treatment guidelines is to get the help of an expert physiotherapist. Physiotherapy can help speed up the recovery of many fracture injuries in a very safe way. You could also be eligible to receive free physiotherapy treatment for broken ribs, depending on where in the UK that you live. For more information about physiotherapy sessions for free, give our expert team a call.

Don’t Delay in Contacting Us for More Information on Private UK Medical Treatments

It is not well-known that you can receive free treatment for broken ribs through private care. Many people miss out on the highly beneficial treatments, such as medical compresses and orthopaedic reports, just because they don’t know that they can claim for them. If you’re recovering from a broken rib and want the best free private treatment for broken ribs, it is important to learn which treatments you could be eligible to.

A quick 30 second call to Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868 will provide all the information you need about private treatment for broken ribs in your area, and which treatments you could receive for free. Let us give you a helping hand with your recovery, by letting you know which high-quality medical care you are entitled to receive for your broken rib.