Treatment for Broken Shoulder Guide

Normally, a broken shoulder is a fracture in the humerus bone, which is located in the upper arm. However, it could also refer to a break in the scapula, which is the shoulder blade, or the clavicle, which is the collarbone. Most shoulder fractures can be very painful, with the accident that caused the injury likely to have been quite traumatic to have been able to injure the shoulder bones. By reading our guide, you’ll learn about the different treatment for broken shoulder injuries, the main symptoms, recovery time, and physiotherapy rehabilitation.

What Are the Main Broken Shoulder Symptoms?

The exact symptoms that you will experience with a broken shoulder depends on how serious the injury is and where in the shoulder you have sustained a fracture. Some of the most common symptoms that occur in most instances of a broken shoulder, include:

• Increased pain when you move your arm.
• Swelling around the area.
• Bruising on the shoulder.
• Trouble moving your arm or lifting it.
• Difficulty breathing.
• Deformity in the shoulder, or flatness.

Is There Any Way I Could Receive Additional Treatment for My Broken Shoulder?

On top of the broken shoulder NHS treatment, like the provision of a broken shoulder cast, there are also private treatment options available in the UK. A lot of UK residents still don’t know that they could qualify to receive private treatment without having to pay.

These treatments vary all over the UK, and there may be one or more treatments that you could be eligible to receive in your local area. To enquire about eligibility, don’t delay in calling our friendly expert team for advice, support, and more information about private treatment.

How Can Private Treatment Help Me to Recover?

Suffering from a broken shoulder could entitle you to receive free medical supplies, like a broken shoulder sling. You may also be eligible to claim for additional supplies, like ice packs, medical compresses, and bandages, depending whereabouts in the UK that you live. For more information regarding the specific treatment available near you, contact us today.

How Long Will It Take for My Broken Shoulder to Heal?

Even in the case of identical injuries, it’s unlikely that two people will recover in the exact same way, or at the exact same rate. Due to the differences in healing rate, and different fracture injury severities, it is not always possible to plan your recovery down to an exact date.

The broken humerus recovery time, can range from 3 months to start regaining strength, to 12 months to feel fully healed. This can change with the broken humerus recovery time in elderly patients, which can be substantially longer than in a healthy adult. A broken shoulder in elderly patients can also come with further complications, which can prolong the healing time.

Undergoing a course of physiotherapy and taking the advised treatment for broken shoulder injuries seriously, can help to speed up recovery.

Could Physiotherapy Treatment for Broken Shoulder Help Me to Recover Safely?

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to sleep with a broken shoulder, or your mobility is limited, then physiotherapy could be a very helpful form of rehabilitation treatment for your broken shoulder. Tailored exercises can help to bring back that essential function, flexibility, and range of motion in your shoulder. If you believe that physiotherapy treatment for broken shoulder injuries may be able to help you, give us a call today to see if you could receive treatment for free.

Discover What Treatment You May Be Eligible to Receive by Contacting Us Today

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