Treatment for Broken Toe Guide

If you have ever broken your toe or wondered is my big toe broken? Then you’ll already know how painful it can be to damage one or more of your toes. While many people view a broken toe as a minor injury, it can in fact be very painful, and mean that you have trouble walking. A broken toe can also be very serious, with treatment for broken toe injuries ranging from taping to surgery. Our guide explores the difference between a sprained and broken toe, when medical attention is required, the standard treatment for broken toe injuries, and rehabilitation options.

How do you Tell the Different Between a Sprained Big Toe vs. Broken Big Toe?

There is often not an obvious difference between the answers to, what does a broken pinky toe look like? and, what does a sprained pinky toe look like? Other than in instances where there is an open fracture, or other major fracture types, most sprained toes and broken toes are almost identical in appearance. There are a couple ways to tell when the toe is broken, including:

  • A radiology scan of the toe
  • Deformity (such as when the bone has penetrated the skin)
  • When the bones in the toe feel broken or cracked
  • If the pain and symptoms don’t fade within a couple of days

Should I Go to Hospital for a Broken Toe?

As with all potential broken bones, it is important to seek medical attention if you believe your toe is broken badly. While the majority of cases of a broken toe are not severe, and recover in 4 to 6 weeks, there could be complications. The right treatment for broken toe injuries needs to be undertaken to ensure that there is no further damage, and to make sure that no complications arise later. Common treatment for broken toe injuries, include:

  • Taping the toe to another toe with gauze in between
  • Rest and little exertion
  • Raising the foot
  • Ice packs to reduce swelling
  • Pain medication

Is There Any More Treatment for Broken Toe Injuries Available?

Did you know that you could qualify for free private treatment for your broken toe? A lot of people don’t know that private treatment for broken toe injuries, like a broken big toe joint or broken 4th toe, is available for qualifying UK residents.

You can discover if you’re eligible for treatment for broken toe injury from a trained specialist by giving our team a call today. It takes less than a minute to call our friendly team, but the advice and guidance about free treatments could see you on your way to a much faster recovery.

What Beneficial Treatment Could I Get for Free?

There are many different types of treatment for big toes injuries that you could receive for free through a private service. Simple treatments are available in the form of medical supplies and treatments, along with advanced services, like the creation of comprehensive orthopaedic reports. All you need to do to see what treatments are on offer near you is to give us a quick call for a chat about your injury, and our expert team will see if you qualify for free private treatment.

What Rehabilitation Is Advised for a Broken Toe Injury?

The initial treatment for broken toe injuries is very important, but so is the ongoing rehabilitation afterwards. For a safe recovery, you may need to know how to tape a broken toe, or how to look after the injured area. Physiotherapy is one of the best rehabilitation services to speed up recovery and ensure that you are on the right route to regaining full mobility, function, and flexibility.

All over the UK there are people eligible to receive free treatment for broken toe injuries in the form of physiotherapy sessions. To find out if you could gain access to a private physiotherapist for free, don’t delay in contacting our team today.

Get into Contact with Us Today for More Information About Free Private Treatment

There are a vast range of private services that provide treatment for broken toe injuries, many people just don’t understand that they could qualify to receive them for free. The treatment can be extremely beneficial whether it is just the provision of essential medical supplies, basic medical treatment, or advanced care and rehabilitation services through a physiotherapist.

You can discover more about the available treatment for broken toe injuries by contacting our friendly and informed team at Medical Expert on 020 3870 4868. For a safe, fast, and healthy recovery, getting the free private medical treatment you are entitled to is very important.