Treatment for Broken Wrist Guide

A broken wrist, whilst common, is a serious injury that requires immediate medical treatment both to help the body repair the wrist and to prevent complications, like malunion. Breaking your wrist is very painful, whether the fracture is serious or minor. The injury also often comes with a number of painful symptoms, such as; bruising, swelling, tenderness, and numbness. Thankfully, the treatment for broken wrist injuries is normally quite straight forward. In our guide, we look at the common treatment for broken wrist injuries, the types of fractured wrist, the recovery time, and rehabilitation, like physiotherapist courses.

What Are the Main Wrist Fracture Types?

The question, how to tell if a wrist is broken or sprained? It not as simple to answer as most people would expect. There are an extensive number of wrist fracture types, which can make the exact wrist injury very difficult to diagnose without an x-ray of the wrist.

Two of the main types are a colles fracture wrist injury, also known as a wrist distal radius fracture, and a scaphoid fracture. These can vary in severity, from the relatively minor hairline fractured wrist symptoms, to the serious symptoms of an open or communited fracture.

Could I Get Private Treatment for broken Wrist for Free?

All over the UK, there are a diverse range of private treatments that are available without cost. The high-quality treatment for broken wrist injuries can be claimed for by a vast number of UK residents, most people just don’t realise it. If you have broken your wrist and want additional help in the form of professional private medical care for free, give us a call today to check your eligibility.

What Broken Wrist Treatments Are near Me?

Depending on which part of the UK that you live in, there different are treatments available for a broken wrist. You may be able to claim for free ice packs, heat packs, medical compresses, or bandages. These can help you to recover in more comfort and reduce the painful symptoms of a broken wrist.

To learn which specific treatments are available near you, you can give our team a call today. All the information you need can be obtained in just a quick 30 second phone call with our expert team.

How Do the Recovery Times Differ with a Fractured Wrist?

With there being multiple bones in the wrist that it is possible to break, and numerous different types of fractures, it’s exceptionally hard to put an exact time frame on the recovery from a broken wrist. In minor cases, you could expect a broken wrist to take anywhere between a month and two months to heal. In severe cases, like those where surgery was needed, and a broken wrist cast required, this can be a lot longer. There are broken wrist recovery tips that you can follow to speed up healing, like undergoing a course of hand therapy with a physiotherapist.

Is There Any Way I Can Make My Recovery Faster?

Disabling injuries, like a broken wrist, can often benefit from specialist physiotherapy treatment. Through hand therapy and professional therapy treatment for broken wrist injuries, a physiotherapist will help you to regain vital flexibility, motion, and mobility in your hand. Did you know that many people can even claim for free physiotherapy? Please contact us today to learn more.

Give Us a Call Today to Find out If You Qualify for Free Private Treatment

It is incredibly easy to discover if you are eligible for free private treatment for broken wrist injuries. A phone call to our team is short but friendly, exploring your options for free medical care, whether through simple treatments or advanced treatments, like orthopaedic reporting. If you want help recovering from a broken wrist, give Medical Expert 30 seconds of your time today by calling 020 3870 4868. Allow our friendly team to give you a helping hand on the path to a faster and safer recovery.